Parents Beware: 5 Signs Of A Bad Day Care

You have come to the time in your life when it is time to find a day care to place your child in. There is lots of information out there about what constitutes a good day care. But what about the things you need to look out for? The things that no one ever tells you. This post is written for first time day care families. Parents Beware: 5 Signs Of A Bad Day Care.

Parents Beware

1. Staff/Child Ratios-When you go tour a facility, do the classrooms look overcrowded and chaotic? Ask what the teacher/child ratio is in the classroom your child will be in. If you notice a lot of crossover between classrooms, the center may be over-enrolled and have too many children for it’s capacity.

2. Staff/Child Interaction-How do the staff interact with the children? Do they speak firmly to correct an issue? Or do you hear yelling and screaming as you walk down the hall. Are they loving and supportive to the children or do they act like they don’t want to be bothered? Beware if you hear a lot of yelling and screaming from the teachers, it probably goes on all the time. Just one of the five signs of a bad day care.

5 Signs Of  A Bad Day Care.

Parents Beware: 5 Signs Of A Bad Day Care.

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3. How often is the owner/director there? This to me is a huge indicator of the kind of center your child attends. You should be able to talk to the owner or director at any time about anything. If you go in a day care and the office door is closed all the time, go elsewhere. If the owner/director is never there, go elsewhere. It’s a very good chance that if they don’t want to be there, their employees don’t either and your child will be getting less than acceptable care.

More Signs Of A Bad Day Care.

4. Camera Placement-Are cameras in place and are they on? How can you tell? When you go in the lobby, look for a television and see if it is on and you can see the classrooms. If your day care won’t let you look at the cameras or act sketchy in any way, leave.

5. Open Door Policy-You should be able to go in and check on your child at any time. You should also check and make sure that each parent has their own code to get in the building. If you ever feel like you can’t freely come and go as you please, take your child elsewhere.

If you witness any of these five signs of a bad day care, keep on looking. When you enter a day care facility, you should feel welcomed and comfortable. You should be satisfied with the answers you get to your questions. If ever you have a bad feeling in any way, look elsewhere. There are lots of day cares that provide acceptable care but only you can determine between acceptable and exceptional.





Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off

Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off. The dead of winter has hit and once again, we are all cooped up inside.  If you’re like any Mom, you are probably going a little stir crazy with what to do with your kids. You don’t really want to sit them down in front of the television, but you feel like you’ve done every craft project known to man. What can you do that will be fun and memorable? This list will help get the idea ball rolling as you think about snow day activities for your little ones.

Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off.

Homemade Snow Cone Bowls-Go outside and gather some freshly fallen snow in a large bowl and then put it in your freezer.  Then make a simple homemade snow cone syrup. When you are done, scoop snow into balls and put in bowls, top with syrup.

Make A Brown Bear-Sit down with your kids and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? After that, make some instant chocolate pudding. Once set, tape pieces of parchment paper onto your kitchen table and let them finger paint their own brown bear.

Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off

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More Activities.

Make Some Cookies-Read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and then bake some cookies with your kids. No need to get fancy, a box mix will do just fine.

Make Scratch n Sniff Paintings- Combine a tablespoon of various flavors of  powdered Kool Aid and a tablespoon of water and put in 5 oz paper bathroom cups. Get some white card stock and let your kids paint with the Kool Aid mixture. Don’t forget the old clothes.  Once dry, if you scratch them, they will smell delicious.

Snow Day Activities For Little Ones

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More Snow Day Activities.

Go Bowling-Buy your kids a plastic bowling set and let them play with their siblings. If you have an only child, join them in your own bowling alley for awhile. If your kids are more technology oriented, bowling on the Wii U is a lot of fun.

Play Dress Up-Find some old clothes that you and your husband don’t wear anymore and let the kids play dress up. If you want, you could even give your daughter a make over for just one day.

Have a Mani/Pedi Day- If you have only girls, clip, file and paint their nails. Then let them paint yours. A fun activity for your day off.

Play Trucks/Monsters/Legos, etc With Your Boys-Take some time and play whatever crazy imagination game that your boy(s) want to play.

Go Swimming-Fill the bathtub up and let your children go swimming. If you have a jacuzzi tub, even better.

Have A Pajama Party-Spend the day in your p.j.’s doing fun activities like playing board games or having a dance or karaoke party.

Play On The Wii or Wii U-If you have one, the Wii is a great way for kids to spend some time and get some exercise on a snowy day.

As you can see, your snow days don’t have to be boring. There are many ideas for snow day activities.  So take an idea and jump in with your child. Bake and beautify and play all day.  You are guaranteed a great time and who knows what you will learn from each other. Have these snow day play activities for your day off contribute to the best day ever.










Food Allergies And Day Care Questions: What To Ask Your Day Care.

Food allergies and day care questions. Food allergies in children has become a very prominent thing in recent years. Parents have to monitor everything that goes in their child’s mouth. This is a very easy thing to do in the home, but what about day care? Here is a list of questions to ask to make the transition from home to school much easier.

What To Ask Your Day Care.

Do I have to bring my own food?

At the day care I worked at, children did not have to bring their own food. The kitchen staff was aware of everyone’s allergies and adjusted food accordingly. However, this is not the case everywhere.

Is there an allergy list in each classroom?

There should be an allergy list in each classroom where your child attends. This should also be posted in the kitchen as well. It should be updated regularly.

Is the kitchen staff aware of my child’s allergies?

It is important that the kitchen staff is aware of your child’s allergies. An allergy list should be posted in the kitchen and you should have the freedom to speak to the kitchen staff whenever you wish.

Food Allergies And Day Care Questions.

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Is this a nut free center?

Some day cares will be nut free across the whole center while others designate just certain rooms where the allergy is contained.

Are other parents aware of the allergies in the center?

It is important that notices are posted as to weather the entire center is nut free or just a few rooms. This helps bring the allergy to the attention of other parents so that they do not bring in items that are processed in a factory that also processes nuts. Sadly, this does not always help.

Food Allergies And Day Care Questions.

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Food Allergies and Day Care Questions.

Where does my child sit at lunch?

In the day care I worked at, all the children sat together. Since food was adjusted accordingly for those with allergies, this was not a big problem. Once again, every child care center is different.

Where is the medicine for my children’s food allergy kept?

All medicines should be kept in a locked box on a high shelf where they cannot be reached.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what questions to ask your day care. Food allergies and day care questions go hand in hand, it is always good to formulate a plan ahead of time. By asking the above questions, you can send your child to school with peace of mind that they will be enjoying a day that is good for their mind and body.




Parents Please Check Your Child’s Cubbyhole.

Parents, please check your child’s cubbyhole. Parenting is not for the faint of heart. We live in a very fast paced world. Every day you are rushing to get out the door, drop the kids off, get to work, maybe you have to do errands on your break and the list goes on. In the evenings it’s not much better. Once again you are rushing to get the kids picked up and heading home. It is easy to forget things.

Parents, please check your child’s cubbyhole.

Later on that evening, you are at the dinner table talking to your child, when they mention there is a field trip tomorrow. They tell you that you need to sign the permission slip and they need money. Another one of your children may need something special for the ‘letter’ of the week or to bring for show and share. Maybe they need to bring something special for a craft project. Maybe your baby is out of diapers or wipes. Once again, you realize you forgot to check their cubbies at day care/school. It’s okay, it is so easy to do. Yet, it is really important. There are so many things that show up in a cubby including:

*Art Projects
*Candy (From holidays or sometimes as potty treats)
*Hats/Gloves/Scarves in the winter
*Sunscreen/Sunglasses/Ball caps in the summer

Parents Please Check Your Child's Cubbyhole

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Please Check Your Cubbyhole.

To really important things like:

*Permission slips/requests for field trip chaperones
*Daily sheets
*Special announcements from directors and staff
*Progress Reports
*Accident reports
*Opportunity for improvement (behavior)
*Invitations to birthday parties from classmates

When personal items get left behind and important forms don’t get seen, it is frustrating for everyone. Teachers too. Teachers have to account for permission slips, money for field trips and fundraisers and make sure all the necessary information is on daily sheets. Like you, we forget things at the end of the work day too. It is a team effort between teachers and parents alike. If you’re having trouble remembering, set an alarm on your phone with a fun ring tone and make it an enjoyable part of your day. You may find a great progress report or an announcement of something fun coming up ( the former day care where I worked would have a bounce house or the snow cone truck come once in awhile) and you will always know how your child’s day was. A cubbyhole is not only an important place to store your child’s belongings, it also stores a lot of information for you too. So parents, please check your child’s cubbyhole before you go home at night. This way everyone can stay informed and on the same page.