Easter Ideas For Your Classroom

Are you a teacher whose brain is hopping around looking for ideas to do with your class? Are you tired of doing the same thing every year and are looking for some fresh ideas? Today’s post is about Easter ideas for your classroom.

Easter Ideas For Your Classroom.

Scratch n Sniff Eggs-Copy a template of an Easter egg on card stock and let the kids paint them with Kool-Aid. Once they dry, they will be able to scratch and sniff them.

Have a bunny race-Let the kids hop like bunnies in pairs of two to the finish line. Get creative and pick out as many categories as their are pairs and give out prizes at the end.

Make carrots-Fill a cone shaped treat bag with Goldfish crackers and tie the top end with green curling ribbon.

Easter Ideas For Your Classroom.

More Eggcellent Ideas.

Easter Bunny Application-Print out a cute form that your kids can fill out if they were applying to be the Easter bunny. Here is a good example. http://mrswilliamsonskinders.blogspot.com/2011/03/hop-and-easter-bunny-application.html

Easter Treat Bags-Buy a medium to large size amount of brown gift bags. Add a cotton ball on the bottom for a tail, ears on top and draw a bunny face on the front. Use these to put their Easter eggs in during an Easter egg hunt.

Serve Jello Eggs for snack-You can either make jello jigglers and cut out egg shapes or if you have the jello 3D egg molds, you can use those too. This would be a better alternative to cookies and sweets.

These are just a few Easter ideas for your classroom. With a little creative thinking and looking around online, your brain will be hopping with all kinds of ideas.


Rewarding Reading: Children’s Book Activity Ideas

As we know, it can be hard to come up with fresh ideas for activities in the classroom.  How about some children’s book activity ideas?  The lesson base is already there, all you have to do is plan some activities around it. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Children’s Book Activity Ideas.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See

* Read the book and let the kids bring you an item in the classroom that corresponds with the color on each page. (Ex: White dog =white item, purple cat=purple item).

*Let the kids make their own brown bears with chocolate pudding on wax paper.

*Make a brown bear hat. Check out this link; https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Brown-Bear-Brown-Bear-Sequencing-Hat-Freebie-2714360

Llama Llama Red Pajama

*Have a pajama party

*Let the kids design their own red pajamas. Print a template  on red construction paper and let the kids decorate them.

*Play catch the llama. Choose a child to wear a red shirt and be the ‘llama’. The other kids chase after him or her outside for a game of tag.

Reading Rewards: Children's Book Activity Ideas.

Photo courtesy of Ben_Kerckx via Pixabay


Other Book Ideas.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

*Create a paper palm tree on the wall. Make cutouts of the alphabet and have your kids play pin the letter on the tree.

* Have your parents bring in a plain white tee shirt for their child and decorate them with the letter of the alphabet that corresponds with their name.

*Make Jello jigglers and cut out letters for a special snack.


If You Give  A Mouse A Cookie.

*Bring in baked sugar cookies and let your class decorate them.

*Do a craft where you make a mouse.

*Make a hat with mouse ears attached and draw whiskers on your kids with face paint.

*Let them play in the kitchen center with “play’ cookies.

*Plan ahead and have your kids bring in the packaging from different kinds of cookies.  Draw a glass of milk with a straw. Print off a enough mouse templates for your class and have each child color and decorate it. Put their name on the front. Add all of this to  your bulletin board with the caption, “If You Give A Class A Cookie…”

These are just a few children’s book activity ideas.  There are tons and tons of books to choose from. For a more creative twist, have your class vote on which books they would like you to incorporate with activities. With some imagination and a little research, your list of children’s book activity ideas should go on and on and on.






Why Is It Important To Potty Train On The Weekend?

Every parent wants their child to be potty trained as quick as reasonably possible. Every daycare teacher likes to see when the kids in her class do well when potty training. As long as there is a consistent routine, things usually go very well during the week.  However, on weekends it can get a little dicey. Families are busy and sometimes there isn’t much structure or routine. Why is it important to potty train on the weekend?

Why Is It Important To Potty Train On The Weekend?

It is important to try and keep as consistent a potty training schedule as possible with your kids on the weekend. This way, it is easier for them when they return to daycare on Monday mornings. Here are some tips to help make this an easier process.

Why Is It Important To Potty Train On The Weekend?

*Always respond positively when your child uses the toilet.

*Even though weekends are busy, create a schedule for going to the bathroom such as first thing when they wake up, before lunch, before and after nap and before dinnertime.

*Be patient and listen to what your child is telling you. If he or she says they are done, they probably are for that trip. You can always try later when they are ready.

*Don’t worry if it takes awhile, all kids move along this journey at their own pace. There is no set age when they have to be potty trained.

*Once you start the process, don’t stop. Be consistent.

*After about two weeks in, throw away the diapers so you don’t use them as a crutch and delay the learning process.

Other Ideas For Potty Training On The Weekend.

*Why is it important to potty train on the weekend? Make it a fun experience by using a sticker chart, reading a book, singing a song or reciting a poem such as:

The Potty n’ Me

It’s time to be a big kid
From diaper land, I’m free
I walk around, underwear proud
And smile with ease

The potty n’ me
Best friends are we
It makes a happy flush
When I poop or pee

Mom and Dad come and look
Then dance around with glee
Because they heard the happy flush
They are so proud of me

The potty n’ me
Best friends are we
It makes a happy flush
When I poop or pee

-Carrie Lowrance

If you keep these tips in mind and communicate with their teacher about their ups and downs, you can develop a cohesive plan that will help your child reach your potty training goal in no time. Why is it important to potty train on the weekend? It is important to potty train on the weekend because consistency is key to success on the potty.


Easy, Breezy Fun: Spring Spirit Week Ideas

Spring Spirit Week. Why not do something fun at your child care center? The weather is getting nice which brings everyone’s spirits up.  It’s a great way to add some carefree fun and let the kids do something a little different.  Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Easy, Breezy Fun: Spring Spirit Week Ideas.

Crazy Hair Day-Curl it, twirl it, fry it, dye it, spike it or spray paint it. Let your kids and staff go crazy with their hair for a day.

Hat Day-Everyone wears a hat of their choice.

Backwards Day-Wear your clothes backwards.

Mismatch Day-Always an interesting choice to see who wears the craziest mismatched clothes.

Extremely Accessorized Day-Wear as many bracelets,  ties, hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, etc as you want. These are just a few spring spirit week ideas.

More Easy, Breezy Ideas.

Easy, Breezy Fun: Spring Spirit Week Ideas

Photo courtesy of Ludovic Gauthier via Unsplash

Pajama Day-Always a favorite any time of year.

Character Day-Kids dress up like their favorite movie or book character.

Ice Cream/Snow Cone Day-Arrange ahead for parents to pay and have the local ice cream or snow cone truck come.

Favorite Color Day-Everyone wears their favorite color.


As you can see, there are many ways to bring out the spring spirit. Teachers, what are some of your favorite spring spirit week ideas? I would love to know.


How To Handle Classroom Transition.

Your child has grown so fast and is ready to move up to the next classroom. As a parent you may be wondering how to handle classroom transition. As excited as you may be that your child is on their way to becoming a big kid, they may not be.  There is a possibility that they may be scared or apprehensive about new teachers and new classmates. On the other hand, if they are moving up with one or two of their friends, they may be excited.  Either way, here are some ways to make the transition easier.

How To Handle Classroom Transition.

Talk to your child about the transition-Sit down and talk to your child about their transition to the next classroom. Ask them questions to gauge how they are feeling. If they are feeling anxious, reassure them that things will be okay. If they have questions you can’t answer, ask at the center and get answers for them.

Talk to other parents who have children in the next classroom-Other parents should be able to inform you about what the teachers are like and what to expect.

Take your child to visit their room and meet their teachers-When you pick your child up, take them to their next room and introduce your child to their new teachers. This way you will make a connection before they move up.

How To Handle Classroom Transition.

Photo courtesy of Lagoas3 via Pixabay

Other Ways To Handle Transition.

Read a book about the first day of school-Read a book with your child about the first day of school like  Little Critter’s First Day Of School or Amelia Bedelia’s First Day Of School. This will help your child recognize that everyone has to go through a change at school at some point. Even though, it won’t be your child’s first day at school, it will be their first day in a new classroom environment.

Be assured they will transition during the day-In the day care I worked at, many of the kids that were about to transition would take turns spending part of the day in their new classroom. This made things easier when the time came because they already knew their new teachers and classmates. It wasn’t always a perfect transition but it did help.

There are many ways to help your child in transitioning. I hope these ideas have helped you in knowing how to handle classroom transitions.