3 Ideas For Christmas Kid Crafts

Once again you are trying to figure out what to make in your classroom to use to decorate for Christmas. Here are 3 Ideas For  Christmas Kid Crafts to spark some ideas.

3 Christmas Kid Crafts.

Scratch n Sniff Gingerbread Man-Print out gingerbread men on white card stock and then mix brown paint with glue. Let the kids paint their gingerbread men and then sprinkle cinnamon on them before they dry, shaking off the excess. Use buttons, scraps of ribbon, glitter, etc to decorate their eyes, hands and feet. Punch a hole in the top and string ribbon through to make an ornament.

3 Christmas Kid Crafts

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Build A Snowman- This is an ideal craft for older kids. (4’s n 5’s and up) Cut small squares of cardboard. Glue a large marshmallow to the cardboard then top with another one. Then add one last large marshmallow. Decorate the face with black tube icing, use pretzel sticks for the arms and use an orange Mike n Ike candy for the nose. Let dry completely. (For a completely edible snowman, build on a graham cracker base and use frosting to build snowman.) A yummy idea for a Christmas Kids Craft.

Another Christmas Kid Craft Idea.

Stuffed Stockings-Print off stocking patterns on colored card stock. Cut out pictures of toys, books, electronics, etc from magazines. Have the kids glue on pictures of what they would like Santa to bring them. Add pulled cotton balls to the top of each stocking. Write the child’s name on their stocking in glitter paint. Punch a hole in the top and hang on your bulletin board or from your classroom ceiling.

There are tons of ideas for Christmas crafts all over the Internet. These 3 Ideas For  Christmas Kid Crafts are easy and are quick to gather the supplies for.  Happy decorating!





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