3 Ideas For Classroom Pets (Other than fish.)

Are you looking to do something different for your classroom? Have you thought about getting a class pet but aren’t sure where to start? Here are 3 ideas for classroom pets that are fun to have around, are easy to take care of, and won’t break the bank.

3 Ideas For Classroom Pets.

Bearded Dragon-Although they may look scary, bearded dragons make great classroom pets. Bearded dragons are gentle by nature. Since they are from the desert, they will need a warm and dry habitat. Once they have adjusted to their new environment (usually a few days) you will be able to take them out for handling sessions. Make sure your students never take the bearded dragon out without supervision. They are fragile in some areas and if a student accidentally picks it up by its tail only, it can break off.

3 Ideas For Classroom Pets (Other Than Fish)

Photo courtesy of Dawn via Unsplash.


Guinea Pigs-These makes great classroom pets due to their minimal care. Just like other animals, they require food, water, room to play and exercise toys and at least a once a year checkup. Guniea pigs are bigger than hamsters and gerbils which make them easier to handle. They are very social animals that require daily interaction/activity not to become bored. The only thing special that they need is a source of vitamin C, so fresh food is important.


Brine Shrimp(SeaMonkeys)– These come in kits and are extremely easy to set up. Just add water and then watch them emerge and grow. They only need to be fed once a week and may need additional water to help combat evaporation. This classroom pet is one of the easiest ever in maintenance.


These 3 ideas for classroom pets will add some fun to your classroom. In addition, it teaches kids about animals, maturity, and responsibility. With the ideas above, you can still have a classroom pet that won’t break your budget.


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