Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool

We are getting closer to that time of year again. Our lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are winding down and soon it will be back to our usual routine. The usual routine is making sure everyone is around and has their stuff, packing lunches, and making sure a quarter of a gallon of milk isn’t spilled every morning. Are you ready? If not, it’s okay. In today’s post, Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool, I’m going to share some tips to make your mornings much easier.

Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool.

The Night Before.

Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool

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Gather up everyone’s school stuff for the next day-Make sure your kids have all their school supplies, notebooks, and homework tucked away in their backpacks the night before. For your younger ones, make sure diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream and any other necessities are ready to go in the diaper bag.

Check for notes from your child’s teacher-Do they need anything special for the next day? Do they need to bring a book or movie for a special day? Do they need something special for an art project? Are fundraiser packets due? Do they need money for a field trip?

Pack lunches-Even if you can’t pack sandwiches ahead of time for fear of them getting soggy, make sure all other aspects of your lunches (fruit/pudding cups, chips, granola bars,) are in each child’s respective lunchbox. This will save on time in the morning. Slap some sandwiches together, add a drink, and you’re good to go.

More Ideas To Make Your Mornings Easier.

Choose outfits-Allow your children to pick out their clothes for the next day with the understanding that what they pick is what they have to wear.

Put things by the door-Make sure all shoes are sitting by the door.

Set the table and put out breakfast items-If you have time in the morning to sit down and eat breakfast, set the table and put out breakfast items like cereal, fruit or microwavable oatmeal cups. If not, set out breakfast items to just grab and go.

Where is your stuff?-As the adult, make sure all your things are in order including your laptop, important papers, car keys and yes, shoes. Make sure those pumps match and are ready to go.

Set the coffee maker-Program your coffee maker the night before to brew as many cups as you’ll need in the morning. 🙂

The Next Morning.

Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool.

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Wake up and relax. Just imagine being able to spend a few extra leisurely minutes in bed because your morning is organized. Everything is in its place and more or less ready to go. In using the suggestions above, you’ll be ready for back to school and know how to keep your mornings calm and cool.


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