Snowy Day Activity/Craft Ideas.

Snowy Day Activity/ Craft Ideas.  If you are like me and live in a s snowier part of the country, chances are your students are probably getting  little stir crazy. And it’s only January! It’s easy for kids to get bored with the same old toys and activities. So, why not change it up? Here are some fun, creative crafts to do on the grayest of days.

Snowy Day Activity/ Craft Ideas.

Glittery Snowflakes-Print out a pattern of a snowflake then add glue and glitter. Hang them from your ceiling for a winter wonderland. Two pattern books you can purchase are The Mailbox Big Book of Patterns or Big Book of Patterns Grades K-6.

Snowman Decorating-Print out a pattern of a snowman and let your kids decorate it any way they want with buttons, bows, scraps of felt, markers, crayons, glitter, etc.

Playing in the snow-Keep a small, shallow box in your closet and when it freshly snows, get some and let your kids play in it at the table. They will have an absolute blast and all it takes to clena up is some rags or absorbent paper towels and a mop.

Polar Express-Arrange the chairs  in your room into two rows and let the kids imagine they are on the polar express.

Snowy Day Activity/Craft Ideas

More Snowy Day Ideas.

Board Games-Bust through boredom by letting the older kids play board games. Make sure you have games in your teacher’s closet for all ages.

Homemade Playdough-Make a batch of homemade play dough ahead of time and watch your kids have a blast.

Fingerpaint-No paintbrushes required, let those little fingers work their creative magic. Don’t forget the smocks or if it’s easier, ask parents to bring in old t-shirts they don’t want for days when you paint. This one is definitely a messy but fun snowy day activity.

Make Snow Cones-Ask your parents if anyone has a snow cone machine. If so, have them bring it in and make snow cones one day for snack time. 🙂

It can be hard coming up with things to do during “cabin fever” season.  Take these snowy day activity/craft ideas and go from ‘I’m bored.” to ‘Score!”



What Is Your Dream? Preschool Activities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Preschool Activities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Have you thought about what resources you will use for your class? Do you need some inspiration to find some new activities to do? Here are some resources to get you started.

What is Your Dream? Preschool Activities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Start off with a book telling about Dr. King. Some good books for kids include:

National Geographic Young Readers: MLK

Martin’s Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


How Would You Change the World Activity?-Have your kids paint two sheets of paper to look like the earth. Next have them trace their hand prints and cut them out. Have them write how they would change the world on their hand prints. Cut out the earth paintings into two circles and put a hand print on each one. You can find full instructions here:

Teach Diversity-This activity is a great way to show that we are all different yet we are the same.

What is your dream? Preschool activities for Martin Luther King Day.

More Activities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I Have A Dream Poster Craft-What are the dreams of the kids in your classroom? Do this craft with them and find out.

Hand Print Poem-Have your kids color the hand that goes with this poem.

More Inspiring Crafts-You can find more craft ideas for MLK day here.

By using these Preschool Activities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we can teach our kids about love, diversity, and helping make the world a better place.

Post Holiday Boredom: Ideas For Winter Field Trips For Your Classroom.

Post Holiday Boredom: Ideas for Winter Field Trips For Your Classroom. Now that the holidays are over, we are entering the post-holiday slump.  It can be so easy for both teachers and kids to get bored with their daily routine. However, there is something you can do. Have you ever thought about going on a field trip during this time of year? Sure you may think it’s too cold outside to do anything, but there are tons of things to do and places you can go.

Post Holiday Boredom: Ideas for Winter Field Trips for Your Classroom.

Go to the library-Libraries are great places to go any time of year, but especially in the winter. There are usually lots of activities going on. See if you can arrange for your class to sit in at story hour or see if the library would be willing to do a “scaled down” version of a Crafternoon.

Go to the movies-Call your local movie theater and see if you can bring your class in for a movie and popcorn.

Indoor Swimming-Does your local recreational center have an indoor pool? Call and see if you can arrange some swim time for your class. Make sure you have plenty of chaperones.

Indoor Play Place-Being cooped up in the winter can be hard on kids, so why not take them to a local indoor play place? Set up a field trip to your local Monkey Joe’s or other indoor play place. Your kids will love you. This is a great option for Post Holiday Boredom: Ideas for Winter Field Trips for Your Classroom.

Post Holiday Boredom: Ideas for Winter Field Trips for Your Classroom.

Photo by Til Jentzsch on Unsplash

Post Holiday Boredom: Other Ideas for Winter Field Trips for Your Classroom.

Children’s Museums-There are lots of things to see and do at your local children’s museum.

Indoor Ice Skating-This is a great activity for kids to have fun and get some exercise.

Industry Tours-Some industries will give tours of their stores and facilities. Some ideas to think about are local grocery stores, bakeries, dairy processing plants,etc. If you live near a local factory or candy company, call and see if they allow tours and schedule one for your class. (Regionally I’m thinking Jelly Belly or Hersheys, for example.)

Nature Center-There is always something going on in nature. This is more of an educational option for your class to quell their Post Holiday Boredom: Ideas for Winter Field Trips for Your Classroom.

Zoo-Call and see if your local zoo offers indoor tours in the winter time.  Your class will not only be able to see animals but learn about them and why they are kept inside this time of year. (Provided you live in a colder climate.)

Art Studio-Call a local art studio and see if they would be willing to set up a time for your class to come in and paint. Lots of studios hold wine and painting parties for adults, ask and see if they could come up with something that is more child friendly.

Indoor Aquarium-Kids will be able to see lots of winter weather animals like polar bears and penguins at the aquarium. This is another fun and educational option for the winter time.

Post Holiday Boredom: Ideas for Winter Field Trips for Your Classroom. With these suggestions, you should be able to plan one or two trips to keep the phrase “I’m bored.” away.



Post Christmas Boredom: Activities To Do With A Smaller Class.

If you work in a daycare, chances are you have a smaller class than usual this week. The week between Christmas and New Year’s was always a light one where I worked due to some  parents being off work for holiday break. It was also always a time for boredom. The holiday rush and excitement is over, now what? Here are some ideas for Post Christmas Boredom: Activities To Do With A Smaller Class.

Post Christmas Boredom: Activities To Do With A Smaller Class.

Bowling-If your classroom has a bowling set, get it out and play a few games with your kids.

P.J. Party-Have a pajama party with your class, watching movies and eating popcorn. We all know that putting kids in front of the television is not the best thing to do, however on days like this it’s a special treat. In the daycare where I worked, each room would have a movie day once a week and even then, they weren’t in front of it all the time. Normal activities like circle time, learning time, and (weather permitting) outside time still took precedence.

Read a book and do a corresponding activity-Pick out a book and a correlating activity to go with it. For example, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Read the book and let the kids finger paint with chocolate pudding, making their own brown bears. Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and let them play with magnetic letters. Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and make a caterpillar craft or a picture collage of all the things he ate.

Post Christmas Boredom: Activities To Do With A Smaller Class

Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

More Post Christmas Boredom:  Activities To Do With A Smaller Class

Dance Party-Crank up the tunes and let your kids dance to their hearts content.

Tents n Tunnels-If you have tents or tunnels in your classroom closet, get them out and let the kids play. Another great way to combat Post Christmas boredom: Activities To Do With A Smaller Class.

Obstacle Course-Set up an easy obstacle course for your kids to go through.

Face painting-If you have the talent, ask your parents if they would mind if you painted their child’s faces for a day.

Musical Instruments-Break out the toy instruments in your classroom and have a noisy but fun time. If you have a musical talent, bring in your instrument and sing with your class.

There are all kinds of ideas you can come up with to entertain your class in the winter. In using the ideas above, you should be able to battle that Post Christmas Boredom: Activities To Do With A Smaller Class.

Countdown to Christmas: Classroom Christmas Crafts

The big day is looming ever so near. Are you looking for some classroom Christmas crafts?  Here are some ideas to keep the boredom at bay and the creativity perking during this last week leading up to Christmas.

Classroom Christmas Crafts

Gingerbread Men-Cut out the shape of a gingerbread man on brown card stock. Add a thin layer of glue and sprinkle cinnamon all over. Then shake off the excess and let dry. Once dry, punch a hole in the top and add string. These smell amazing.

Shaving Cream Snow-Although it may be too cold to go outside where you live or you simply don’t have any snow, your class can still play in “snow”. Let them play with shaving cream on the tables.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes-Arrange 4 Popsicle sticks in the shape of a snowflake and let your kids decorate them with sticker jewels, glitter, paint, etc. When dry, tape them to your classroom door.

Mistletoes-Trace both of a students feet on green construction paper and then cut out. Staple the heels together to look like a ‘mistletoe’ leaf and add a ribbon. Punch a hole in the top and lace string. Write ‘Mistle’ on one foot and ‘toes’ on the other.

Hot Cocoa Mugs-Print a template of a hot cocoa mug on white card stock. Let the kids decorate the mugs and color the top (inside) brown to look like cocoa. Glue mini marshmallows on top.

Classroom Christmas Crafts

Photo by Michael Mroczek on Unsplash

More Christmas Crafts for Your Classroom.

Mini Graham Cracker Houses-Let each student in your class build their own “gingerbread” house with graham crackers, icing, and decorations.

Santa Hats-Go to the dollar store and buy a ‘Santa’ hat for each kid in your classroom to decorate as their own. Use fabric glue, glitter, puff paint, etc.

Reindeer Ornaments-Buy clear, plastic ball ornaments, brown shredded paper, eyes, red pom poms and brown pipe cleaners. Stuff the balls with shredded paper and screw the top back on. Then add eyes, a nose, and then curl the pipe cleaners around the base of the top to make antlers.

With a little research and some imagination, your craft ideas will keep your classroom entertained throughout this week. You can find lots of ideas for classroom Christmas crafts in many different places, the options are endless. So what are you waiting for? Use the ideas above for some classroom Christmas crafts they will never forget.




The Sweetest Day Ever: Classroom Cookie Exchange.

Are you looking for something different to do with your class? How about a classroom cookie exchange? This may sound difficult because of the different food allergies in classrooms these days but it doesn’t have to be. In today’s post I will include resources that parents can look at for different cookie recipes according to common allergies. Others may argue that they don’t need all that sugar. As a day care teacher, I never had a problem with it at the holidays, it’s only once a year. The most wonderful time of the year because they are full of wonder and trying to figure out what kinds of cookies they want to leave for Santa.

Classroom Cookie Exchange.

Recipes for kids with no allergies.—almond-crispy-squares

Nut free cookie recipes. (Soft Honey Cookies) (Black Bean Brownies) (Elephant Ears)

Cinnamon Graham Cracker Cookies (Gluten Free, Egg Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free and Allergy Friendly) (Brookies=Brownie/Cookie Bars) (Sugar Cookies)

More Classroom Cookie Exchange Ideas.

The Sweetest Day: Classroom Cookie Exchange

Photo by Mira Bozhko on Unsplash

Gluten Free Cookie Recipes. (Chocolate Chip) (Snickerdoodle)

Gluten Free Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies (Ginger Snaps) (Monster Cookies)

Gluten Free Red Velvet Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dairy Free Cookie Recipes. (Sprinkle Cookies)

How to make Yummy Sugar Cookies without Milk and Eggs

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Apple Cinnamon Cookies

Double Chocolate Zucchini Cookies

The recipes above should guarantee a happy, healthy, safe cookie exchange. Although I could not address every allergy, I addressed the most common ones I have seen as a former daycare teacher. Happy baking!

Say What? Creative Answers to Kids Christmas Questions.

As we all know, kids ask the wildest things. As a daycare teacher, you hear it all, especially at Christmas. Sometimes they can ask things that take us completely off guard or we don’t know how to answer. In today’s post, I’m going to help you with some creative answers to kids Christmas questions.

Creative Answers to Kids Christmas Questions.

How does Santa do it all in one night? Lucky for him, the world has different time zones.  When it’s Christmas here, it may not be Christmas yet in another country. For example, the country of India is seven hours ahead of us. When it’s Christmas here, it’s not Christmas there yet.

How far away is the North Pole? The North Pole is far, far away. It is exactly 12,43o miles from here to where Santa lives.

Can I call or send Santa a letter? Yes, you can call and leave a message for Santa. Remind me and I will give your Mom the phone number when she picks you up. You can find Santa’s number here. You can also send Santa a letter if you wish. You can find Santa’s mailing address here. If your child is more technology savvy, they can also email Santa here.

Creative Answers to Kids Christmas Questions.

Photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash

Creative Answers to Kids Christmas Questions.

What is Santa’s favorite cookie? Anything you bake and leave for him he will love because your cookies are unique as you are.

How do I know Santa is close to our house on Christmas Eve? When I was a kid, we had to keep watching outside the window to see if we could spot him. Now, you can actually track him on your computer by looking on a web site that tracks Santa on Christmas Eve. (Parents, you can track Santa through the NORAD web site here.)

What should I leave for the reindeer? Apple slices and carrots, Santa encourages them to eat healthy.

Here are some more creative answers to kids Christmas questions.

What kinds of features does Santa’s sleigh have? GPS so he’ll never get lost in his old age, fog lights to see in the snow, and a CD (Cocoa dispenser). This question definitely calls for creative answers to kids Christmas questions.

How many presents does Santa’s sleigh hold? There are piles of presents taller than our classroom ceiling.

As you can see, kids love to ask questions at Christmas time and being creative in answering is part of the fun. Sometimes they will think about your answer and sometimes they will smile and then go play. Either way, giving creative answers to kids Christmas questions should be a fun part of your day.


Tis the Season: Holiday Gifts for Daycare Teachers

It’s that time of year again. The holiday shopping season is underway and you have plenty of people to buy for. You probably have a good idea what to get everyone based on their lists. But what about your child’s daycare teacher? Need some suggestions? Tis the Season: Holiday Gifts for Daycare Teachers.

Tis the Season: Holiday Gifts for Daycare Teachers.

Bracelet– This bracelet says it all, “It takes a big heart to teach little minds.” Find it here on Amazon.

Snot Wiping, Boo Boo Kissing T-shirt-This shirt definitely sums up the life of a daycare teacher and how much they love their students.

Gift Cards with a twist-Find out if your teacher has any hobbies or talents and buy coordinating gift cards. If she likes to bake and cook, buy her a gift card to a kitchen store. If she likes to knit, get her a card to a craft or yarn store.  If your children happen to have a male teacher and he  is an artist in his spare time for example, get him a gift card to an art supply store.

Gift baskets with a twist-Apply the same principle as above and make a gift basket that coordinates with their interests.

Grab and go gift cards-Just like you, we get busy in the mornings and sometimes don’t have time to eat or grab a cup of coffee. This is why gift cards to coffee shops and fast food restaurants do come in handy sometimes.  These will be greatly appreciated on hectic mornings.

Tis the Season: Holiday Gifts for Daycare Teachers.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

More Holiday Gifts for Daycare Teachers.

Inspirational Books about teaching-Even teachers need to be inspired sometimes. Teaching is not for the faint of heart and some days are better than others. Some titles to look at include Today I Made A Difference by Joseph W. Underwood, Chicken Soup For The Soul: Teacher Tales, and What Teachers Make: In Praise Of The Greatest Job In The World by Taylor Mali.

Homemade Treats-Who doesn’t love homemade cookies, cakes, and candy? Enough said.

Blanket-Classrooms can get chilly so a soft, plush, warm and toasty blanket makes a great gift.

A Journal-This is a great gift for your teacher to either document her year with your children or write whatever she wants in it.

Personalized Gifts-Create a personalized gift via Personalizationmall. You can find a link to their site here.

There are many holiday gifts for daycare teachers and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. However, I hope it is a good start for you to find the perfect gift for the perfect teacher.


Ways to Involve Your Kids This Thanksgivng

Ways to Involve Your Kids This Thanksgiving. The countdown until Thanksgiving is on. Chances are, you have lots of things to do to get ready. Many of these tasks are things that your older children can help you with. But what about your little ones. Here are some ideas to involve your kids this turkey day.

Ways to Involve Your Kids This Thanksgiving.

There are many ways to involve your kids this Thanksgiving, like…

Color the Tablecloth-We all know that coloring books for adults are the rage, but what about letting the kids color the tablecloth to display Thanksgiving dinner on? You can buy one on Amazon here.

Thankful Place Cards-Have your kids write three things they are thankful for in each person that is coming to dinner. It could be Grandma’s cookies, a siblings hug, or running errands with Dad.

Read a Thanksgiving themed book-Another way to involve your kids this Thanksgiving, sit down with your child and help them read a book about Thanksgiving to family and friends. Look for books featuring your child’s favorite characters or about the first Thanksgiving.

Ways to Involve Your Kids This Thanksgiving.

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

Other Ways to Get The Kids Involved.

Have them help make a kids only treat-Buy pre-cut fruits or veggies and have your kids help you assemble a cup of each for each young guests. You could also serve club soda with a splash of cranberry juice or cups of Jell-o, garnished with fruit or whipped cream.

Set the table-Let your kids set the table with help.

Make a centerpiece-Get crafty with your kids and help them make a centerpiece for the table.

More Ways To Involve Your Kids This Thanksgiving.

Bake a real pumpkin pie-Buy a pumpkin and let your kids dig out all the pulp to make a yummy, fresh, pumpkin pie.

Make real whipped cream-With assistance, let them help you beat heavy whipping cream to go on top of your pie.

Decorate cookies-Make cut out cookies shaped like turkeys and let your kids decorate them a day ahead of time.

Make and Send Cards-Ways to involve your kids this can also include making cards for faraway family and friends this Thanksgiving.

Ways to involve your kids this Thanksgiving include setting the table, gathering real pumpkin, and decorating.  By enlisting older family members in ways to get your kids involved this Thanksgiving, you are bound to have a happy and bonded holiday.






Down With The Sickness: Common Illnesses to Watch Out For This Winter

I know I have been talking a lot about preparing your child for illnesses at school and preparing you for easier sick days at home. Cold and flu season is on it’s way after all. However, there are other illnesses that are common in day cares. Today I’m going to talk about these common sicknesses so that you will know what to look for when your child is down with the sickness: common illnesses to watch out for this winter.

Down With The Sickness: Common Illnesses To Watch Out For This Winter.

Common Cold- Some signs of a cold are runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, mild fever, and loss of appetite.

Respiratory Syncytial  Virus (RSV)-This virus can mask as a cold, pay attention to wheezing and grunting with each breath.

Flu-Fever, fatigue, sometimes diarrhea or vomiting, and aching body or muscles are all signs of the flu.

Ear aches-Trouble with sleeping or balancing, fluid drainage from the ear, earache.

Down With The Sickness: Common Illnesses to Watch Out For This Winter

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

More Common Sicknesses.

Gastroenteritis(Stomach Flu)-Stomach or abdominal pain, vomiting, watery diarrhea.

Croup(Whooping Cough)-Deep, barking cough that usually worsens at night.

Strep Throat-Pain while swallowing, red spots on the roof of the mouth or white spots on the tonsils, swollen lymph nodes, loss of appetite.

Rotovirus-Causes high fever and prolonged diarrhea.

Keep a close eye on your child and monitor their symptoms. Please don’t take your child to day care when they are vomiting or have diarrhea. This list, Down With The Sickness: Common Illnesses To Watch Out For This Winter should be helpful in initially diagnosing what is going on.