3 Back To School Crafts For Preschoolers

It’s that time again. Time for back to school.  Here are 3 back to school crafts for preschoolers that can also double as classroom decorations.

3 Back To School Crafts For Preschoolers.

Glittering apples

What you’ll need:

Template of an apple with eyes printed out on white card stock

Stick glue

Red, yellow, or green glitter

Medium to large googly eyes

What to do:

  1. Print out a template of an apple with eyes on white card stock.
  2. Have your students paint glue all over the apple and then help them shake on red, yellow, or green glitter.
  3. Add googly eyes.
  4. 4,When dry, cut out and  hang these on your classroom door.

School bus train

What you’ll need:

A template of a school bus printed on white card stock

Yellow and black crayons

Individual pictures of your students

How to make:

1.Print off a template of a school bus on white card stock and have your kids color the school bus.

2.A few days before, take individual pictures of your students and print them off.

3. Once your student is done coloring, cut out their face from their picture and add it to the front of the bus.

4. Do this for all your students and yourself and co-teacher, if you have one.

5.  Cut them all out and hang them in a ‘train’ on your classroom wall with the caption, “The Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round”.

3 Back To School Crafts For Preschoolers

Photo courtesy of charlotteclaireking0 via Pixabay

Eye Catching Books

What you’ll need:

Template of a closed book printed on white card stock

Crayons, markers

Medium to large googly eyes

How to make:

1. Print off a template of a closed book on white card stock. Have your students color the book.

2. Add a pair of googly eyes. and write their name on the back.

3. When done, cut out everyone’s book and hang them on your classroom wall.

4. Add the caption, “Eye Love Books”. You could also create a bookshelf effect on your bulletin board and have the books sitting on the shelf.

These 3 back to school crafts for preschoolers will have your classroom looking cool.



Don’t Despair: Here Is Your Back To Day Care Checklist

In last week’s post, we talked about getting your older children ready for back to school. This week we’re going to talk about your younger children. I know what you’re thinking, will back to school shopping ever end? This should be a little easier because a lot of what you will need, you will already have on hand. Don’t despair, here is your back to day care checklist.

Don’t Despair: Here Is Your Back To Day Care Checklist.

Diapers-Make sure you take in a full box of diapers your first day. Although kids do have accidents and blowouts, these should last awhile and your teachers won’t be asking for diapers every other day.

Pull Ups-If your child is potty training, I personally recommend Pull-ups brand. Why? They are the easiest to get on and off. Just undo/reattach the sides and you’re good to go.

Wipes- Please bring two packs of wipes to start. Even though we use each child’s own ‘personal’ wipes that they bring in, we go through these like water.

Diaper Cream-Because rashes and irritation do happen.

Pacifiers- Two of these are important in case one gets lost. Yes, it does happen and it’s usually not pretty. 🙂

Don't Despair Here Is Your Back To Day Care Checklist

Photo by Laura Aziz on Unsplash

Other Items Needed.

One blanket-Bring one blanket for nap time. I have seen kids bring gobs of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals for nap time and it’s just unnecessary.

Extra change of clothes-Having several sets of clothes in your child’s cubby is a Godsend. We don’t always have extra clothes to fit your child or if we do, it could be a short sleeve shirt and shorts when it’s the dead of winter. Extra pairs of underwear should also be included, aim for at least three pairs. This is very important to add to your back to day care checklist.

Jacket-As the weather gets cooler, please bring a jacket for your child. Once again, we don’t always have these on hand.

Milk-If your child is allergic to milk, please bring milk they can drink.

Back to school can make you want to pull out your hair. As I said, don’t despair, here is your back to day care checklist. This should make getting ready for going to day care a breeze.



Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool

We are getting closer to that time of year again. Our lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are winding down and soon it will be back to our usual routine. The usual routine is making sure everyone is around and has their stuff, packing lunches, and making sure a quarter of a gallon of milk isn’t spilled every morning. Are you ready? If not, it’s okay. In today’s post, Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool, I’m going to share some tips to make your mornings much easier.

Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool.

The Night Before.

Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool

Photo by dhimas widrayato on Unsplash

Gather up everyone’s school stuff for the next day-Make sure your kids have all their school supplies, notebooks, and homework tucked away in their backpacks the night before. For your younger ones, make sure diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream and any other necessities are ready to go in the diaper bag.

Check for notes from your child’s teacher-Do they need anything special for the next day? Do they need to bring a book or movie for a special day? Do they need something special for an art project? Are fundraiser packets due? Do they need money for a field trip?

Pack lunches-Even if you can’t pack sandwiches ahead of time for fear of them getting soggy, make sure all other aspects of your lunches (fruit/pudding cups, chips, granola bars,) are in each child’s respective lunchbox. This will save on time in the morning. Slap some sandwiches together, add a drink, and you’re good to go.

More Ideas To Make Your Mornings Easier.

Choose outfits-Allow your children to pick out their clothes for the next day with the understanding that what they pick is what they have to wear.

Put things by the door-Make sure all shoes are sitting by the door.

Set the table and put out breakfast items-If you have time in the morning to sit down and eat breakfast, set the table and put out breakfast items like cereal, fruit or microwavable oatmeal cups. If not, set out breakfast items to just grab and go.

Where is your stuff?-As the adult, make sure all your things are in order including your laptop, important papers, car keys and yes, shoes. Make sure those pumps match and are ready to go.

Set the coffee maker-Program your coffee maker the night before to brew as many cups as you’ll need in the morning. 🙂

The Next Morning.

Back To School: How To Keep Your Mornings Calm and Cool.

Photo by Adriel Kloppenburg on Unsplash

Wake up and relax. Just imagine being able to spend a few extra leisurely minutes in bed because your morning is organized. Everything is in its place and more or less ready to go. In using the suggestions above, you’ll be ready for back to school and know how to keep your mornings calm and cool.


Fun Ideas For Five Senses Week.

We are smack dab in the middle of the dog days of summer. It’s way too hot to take your class outside and they are quickly tiring of the same old everyday toys. You may be even having a week where you are completely stuck on what to do differently. It happens. Why not plan some activities for the five senses? Today I’ve compiled a list of fun ideas for five senses week.

Fun Ideas For Five Senses Week.

Sight-Bring in a pair of binoculars and let the kids look through them to see what they can see. If you have one on hand, bring in a View Master from the eighties or a kaleidoscope. If you have an older class, make tie dye shirts so they can see what their t-shirts turn into once removed from the solution.

Smell-Bring in a variety of oils, spices, or unlit candles for the kids to smell. Arrange a field trip to a botanical garden so the kids can smell several different flowers. Research some fun facts about the nose and how we smell. Take a walk with your class in the fall and smell the crisp, cool air, leaves, and other smells of the season.
More Ideas For The Five Senses.

Sound-Bring in CDs or download sounds of nature on your phone or your iPod. If you know someone who knows how to play various instruments, have them come in and teach the kids about the different sounds that various instruments make. You could also just have them come in and sing with your class as well. Bring in a diagram of an ear or call a local ear, nose, and throat doctor to see if someone can come in and do a presentation about the ears.

Fun Ideas For Five Senses Week

More Ideas For The Five Senses.

Touch-Bring in different fabrics for your kids to touch. You could also bring in brown lunch sacks with cold spaghetti, peeled grapes, cotton balls, hard candy, etc. Have your kids put their hands in and tell you what they feel inside the bags without them looking inside the bag.

Taste-Bring in different flavors like peppermint candies, starbursts, potato chips or pretzels, lemon slices, etc. This way you can cover the full spectrum of our taste buds. Show your kids a picture of a tongue and explain what our taste buds do, where they are located, and the different tastes that they pick up.

Your kids are going to learn a lot and have a lot of fun with these ideas for  five senses week.






3 Ideas For Classroom Pets (Other than fish.)

Are you looking to do something different for your classroom? Have you thought about getting a class pet but aren’t sure where to start? Here are 3 ideas for classroom pets that are fun to have around, are easy to take care of, and won’t break the bank.

3 Ideas For Classroom Pets.

Bearded Dragon-Although they may look scary, bearded dragons make great classroom pets. Bearded dragons are gentle by nature. Since they are from the desert, they will need a warm and dry habitat. Once they have adjusted to their new environment (usually a few days) you will be able to take them out for handling sessions. Make sure your students never take the bearded dragon out without supervision. They are fragile in some areas and if a student accidentally picks it up by its tail only, it can break off.

3 Ideas For Classroom Pets (Other Than Fish)

Photo courtesy of Dawn via Unsplash.


Guinea Pigs-These makes great classroom pets due to their minimal care. Just like other animals, they require food, water, room to play and exercise toys and at least a once a year checkup. Guniea pigs are bigger than hamsters and gerbils which make them easier to handle. They are very social animals that require daily interaction/activity not to become bored. The only thing special that they need is a source of vitamin C, so fresh food is important.


Brine Shrimp(SeaMonkeys)– These come in kits and are extremely easy to set up. Just add water and then watch them emerge and grow. They only need to be fed once a week and may need additional water to help combat evaporation. This classroom pet is one of the easiest ever in maintenance.


These 3 ideas for classroom pets will add some fun to your classroom. In addition, it teaches kids about animals, maturity, and responsibility. With the ideas above, you can still have a classroom pet that won’t break your budget.


How To Help Your Child Readjust After Vacation.

Have you just returned from vacation and are dreading your first morning back to your usual routine? Do you have visions of oversleeping, lost shoes and meltdowns?  Here are some ideas on how to help your child readjust after vacation.

How To Help Your Children Readjust After Vacation.

Let them pick out their clothes the night before-Let kids pick out their clothes the night before. This way there will be no fights the next morning. Make sure shoes are in plain site too.

Make sure they eat dinner- After being on the road for so long, everyone is exhausted. Still, it is important that everyone eats dinner. This will help your bodies replenish for the next day.

Put them to bed on time-Chances are everyone was up way later than usual during your vacation. Make sure everyone gets to bed on time, if not earlier.

Pack lunches the night before-Pack the kids lunches the night before and make it as easy on yourself as possible. If this is the one time you pack them  a Lunchible or something else a little less healthy, so be it.

Make sure all school supplies are in order-Take a minute to make sure all your child’s school supplies (pencils, markers, calculators, notebooks, textbooks,etc) are in their backpack.

How To Help Your Child Readjust After Vacation.

More Ways To Readjust After Vacation.

Here are a few more ways to help your little ones adjust to going back to day care and school after a leisurely vacation.

Wake them up a little earlier-Sure, this sounds counterproductive. Early risers usually equal crankiness. However, if you get them up  a little earlier, it won’t be a mad dash to get out the door. This way your kids can take their time waking up and you will still have enough time to get out the door.

Make sure they eat breakfast-Have a few things on hand that are easy to make like instant oatmeal, frozen waffles, or breakfast bowls.

Take a little extra time during drop off-Plan to spend a little extra time during drop off with your child. Remind them that you will be back to get them just like always so they feel secure.

Use these tips upon your return and see how they work. Make notes and see how you can make things better next time. In doing this you will know exactly how to help your children readjust after vacation next time.


5 Fourth Of July Activities For Your Classroom

Are you still looking for some creative activities to do the rest of this week? Here is a list of 5 fourth of July activities for your classroom.

5 Fourth Of July Activities For Your Classroom.

Fireworks-Get white card stock paper and let the kids squeeze streams of glue all over it. Then let them sprinkle red and blue glitter  on it to make their own ‘big’ firework.

Fourth of July Dance Party-Decorate your classroom with red, white and blue streamers and balloons. Have your kids dress in red, white and blue and play both patriotic and non patriotic music for them to dance to. Include songs like Yankee Doodle Dandy, This Land Is Your Land, America The Beautiful, etc as well as other fun songs like The Chicken Dance.

Fingerpaint-Get rolls of white paper and cover the tables in your classroom. Let the kids finger paint with red and blue paint. After it dries, hang it on your wall to display in your classroom. Make sure you write each child’s name near their ‘painting’ and when you are done, cut in between paintings so they can take their creations home.


5 Fourth Of July Activities For Your Classroom.

Photo courtesy of Ben White via Unsplash

More Fourth Of July activities for your classroom.

Water Day Fun-If you have water day once a week,  treat the kids to a red, white and blue Popsicle before you go in to change clothes. You can use the hose to wash them off before they dry off and head inside.

Fourth of July Snack-Buy cups of ready made blue jell-o and add whipped cream and a strawberry for a patriotic snack. You could also custom order a fruit pizza from your local grocery deli/bakery with just strawberries and blueberries on it. Or make parfaits with yogurt, blueberries and strawberries.

Tie Dye Shirts-Have each parent bring in a white t shirt for their child and tie dye them red and blue.

These 5 Fourth of July Activities for your classroom are bound to light your kids up like fireworks in the sky.













Please don’t pee on me: Potty Training at Daycare

Potty training at daycare can be the most rewarding and most horrible thing at the same time.  As a former teacher, it could be difficult to get those little butts to sit down. Some days two or three would go and it would be like a party. Other days there would be pee everywhere and kids everywhere. If this is an issue for you as a teacher, here are some tips to make classroom potty training much easier.

Potty Training at Daycare.

Gather your supplies-This sounds like a no brainer, but always double check your supplies. Make sure you have gloves, wipes, and everyone’s diaper or pull-up before you start.

Split your class in half-If you have sixteen, take eight at a time. It also helps to keep each gender together.

Make them sit down-I always made my kids sit down in the bathroom and wait to be called. Of course I immediately regretted this after finding a poopy diaper or two minutes later. 🙂 Still, it kept them organized and I always knew where everyone was.

Entertain them-I used to sing to my kids all the time during diaper change/potty time. Sometimes I would sing songs we knew, sometimes I would make something up.

Ask One on One Questions-Sometimes I would ask how their night was last night. What did they do? What did they eat for dinner? If they watched a movie or tv show, what was it?

Give them love-I always gave each one a hug after changing their diaper. Some days that was the only one-on-one time I had with them.

Potty Training at Daycare

Tips for potty training at daycare: Autistic Kids.

-Pay close attention to the autistic children in your care, do they soil their diaper at a certain time of day? Once you know, form a unique schedule of him or her based on their habits. Consistency is key.

-Offer a tangible reward. Take the classroom jar of m&m’s in with you and present the child with a reward immediately (after washing both yours and their hands of course) upon going to the bathroom.

-Sometimes autistic children struggle with picking imitation and picking up on other’s behavior. If the child is a visual learner, make a picture chart of every step of going to the bathroom so he understands the process.

-Be sensitive to their fears.  New noises, equipment and sensations can be disconcerting for autistic children. Always be available in case they become frightened, they may have to leave the bathroom and then work up to sitting on the toilet or flushing.

A Fun Rhyme for Potty Training at Daycare.

Here is a fun rhyme I wrote awhile back in regards to potty training.

The Potty n’ Me

It’s time to be a big kid
From diaper land, I’m free
I walk around, underwear proud
And smile with ease

The potty n’ me
Best friends are we
It makes a happy flush
When I poop or pee

Mom and Dad come and look
Then dance around with glee
Because they heard the happy flush
They are so proud of me

The potty n’ me
Best friends are we
It makes a happy flush
When I poop or pee

-Carrie Lowrance


These potty training at daycare tips should help make things go smoother and keep your class entertained.



Sidestepping the Summer Learning Slump

The kids just got out of school and summer vacation is on. Although kids need to rest and recharge like the rest of us, you don’t want them to totally lose the skills they learned during the school year. Still, you’re not sure if summer school is the answer either. So what do you do? Here are some ideas to sidestepping the summer learning slump.

Sidestepping the Summer Learning Slump.

Cook Together-Have your kids cook with you at night to keep their math skills sharp.

Join A Reading Program-Sign them up for reading program at the library. When they are done reading the book, discuss it and see if you can plan an activity around it.

Go on a Virtual Tour-Would you love to travel the world with your kids but just don’t have the funds? Go on YouTube and find a video about the place you want to go.

Sidestepping the Summer Learning Slump

Photo courtesy of David Lezcano via Unsplahs

Plan an activity day-Pick a day and plan the whole day with your child. Choose a set amount of money and have them help you manage it as you decide what activities you want to do.

Take your High School kid on a Virtual Campus Tour-Use the website CampusTours.com to find tours of colleges your child wants to attend.

Join a community garden-Join a community garden with your child where they can learn to how to plant different vegetables.


These are just a few ideas in sidestepping the summer learning slump. With some conversation with your child and a little creativity, you be able to make this summer a fun learning experience.






6 Ideas For Your Summer Bulletin Board.

We are slowly making our way into the hot, lazy days of summer.  Time for baseball, cookouts,  and splashing in the pool.  It’s also time to switch your bulletin board for the next three months or so. Are you looking for some simple ideas that won’t take a lot of work? Here are three ideas for your summer bulletin board.

Six Ideas For Your Summer Bulletin Board.

1. Sipping through summer-Cut out milkshake patterns and have your students color them. Add stretched out cotton balls for fluffy whipped cream and a small red pom pom on top. Buy a red checkered table cloth and cut a piece as long as the bottom end of your bulletin board. Staple it to the bottom. Add a colored background that you think will complement and then line up and staple the milkshakes on the table cloth. Add the caption, “Sipping Through Summer.”


2. Lazy Days-Make a pool background on your bulletin board. Copy and cut out patterns of children at the pool and add a head shot of each of your students. Add the cutouts to the pool. You may even want to add yourself and your co-teacher as lifeguards.  Add the caption, ” Crazy, lazy days of summer.” or “Splashing through summer.”

3. Flying through Summer-Another great idea for your summer bulletin board is to add a blue background with some clouds and green on the bottom for grass. Copy patterns of kites and have your kids color them. Add different colored yarn for a tail and then staple them all over the bulletin board. Add the caption, “Flying through summer.”

Six Ideas For Your Summer Bulletin Board

Another three ideas for your summer bulletin board.


4. S’more Summer- Cut out a template for a s’more and have your kids color the graham and the chocolate. Add googly eyes to the marshmallow part and a smile. Add a dark blue background to your bulletin board and a template of a bon fire and then scatter your s’mores all around the board. Add the caption, “We are ready for s’more summer.”

5. Strawberrylicious Summer-Print an oversize template of a basket of strawberries. Also print off enough individual strawberry patterns for your class. Have the kids color them and add googly eyes and a smile. Add green on the bottom for grass and light blue on top for sky.  Add the caption, “Strawberrylicious Summer.”

6. Swimming into summer-Add a blue background and have your kids color templates of fish. Add some grass and seaweed. Then add the caption “Swimming into summer.”

These three ideas for your summer bulletin board should make re-doing things a snap and have a bright, eye catching board all summer.