Why Is It Important To Potty Train On The Weekend?

Every parent wants their child to be potty trained as quick as reasonably possible. Every daycare teacher likes to see when the kids in her class do well when potty training. As long as there is a consistent routine, things usually go very well during the week.  However, on weekends it can get a little dicey. Families are busy and sometimes there isn’t much structure or routine. Why is it important to potty train on the weekend?

Why Is It Important To Potty Train On The Weekend?

It is important to try and keep as consistent a potty training schedule as possible with your kids on the weekend. This way, it is easier for them when they return to daycare on Monday mornings. Here are some tips to help make this an easier process.

Why Is It Important To Potty Train On The Weekend?

*Always respond positively when your child uses the toilet.

*Even though weekends are busy, create a schedule for going to the bathroom such as first thing when they wake up, before lunch, before and after nap and before dinnertime.

*Be patient and listen to what your child is telling you. If he or she says they are done, they probably are for that trip. You can always try later when they are ready.

*Don’t worry if it takes awhile, all kids move along this journey at their own pace. There is no set age when they have to be potty trained.

*Once you start the process, don’t stop. Be consistent.

*After about two weeks in, throw away the diapers so you don’t use them as a crutch and delay the learning process.

Other Ideas For Potty Training On The Weekend.

*Why is it important to potty train on the weekend? Make it a fun experience by using a sticker chart, reading a book, singing a song or reciting a poem such as:

The Potty n’ Me

It’s time to be a big kid
From diaper land, I’m free
I walk around, underwear proud
And smile with ease

The potty n’ me
Best friends are we
It makes a happy flush
When I poop or pee

Mom and Dad come and look
Then dance around with glee
Because they heard the happy flush
They are so proud of me

The potty n’ me
Best friends are we
It makes a happy flush
When I poop or pee

-Carrie Lowrance

If you keep these tips in mind and communicate with their teacher about their ups and downs, you can develop a cohesive plan that will help your child reach your potty training goal in no time. Why is it important to potty train on the weekend? It is important to potty train on the weekend because consistency is key to success on the potty.


Easy, Breezy Fun: Spring Spirit Week Ideas

Spring Spirit Week. Why not do something fun at your child care center? The weather is getting nice which brings everyone’s spirits up.  It’s a great way to add some carefree fun and let the kids do something a little different.  Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Easy, Breezy Fun: Spring Spirit Week Ideas.

Crazy Hair Day-Curl it, twirl it, fry it, dye it, spike it or spray paint it. Let your kids and staff go crazy with their hair for a day.

Hat Day-Everyone wears a hat of their choice.

Backwards Day-Wear your clothes backwards.

Mismatch Day-Always an interesting choice to see who wears the craziest mismatched clothes.

Extremely Accessorized Day-Wear as many bracelets,  ties, hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, etc as you want. These are just a few spring spirit week ideas.

More Easy, Breezy Ideas.

Easy, Breezy Fun: Spring Spirit Week Ideas

Photo courtesy of Ludovic Gauthier via Unsplash

Pajama Day-Always a favorite any time of year.

Character Day-Kids dress up like their favorite movie or book character.

Ice Cream/Snow Cone Day-Arrange ahead for parents to pay and have the local ice cream or snow cone truck come.

Favorite Color Day-Everyone wears their favorite color.


As you can see, there are many ways to bring out the spring spirit. Teachers, what are some of your favorite spring spirit week ideas? I would love to know.


How To Handle Classroom Transition.

Your child has grown so fast and is ready to move up to the next classroom. As a parent you may be wondering how to handle classroom transition. As excited as you may be that your child is on their way to becoming a big kid, they may not be.  There is a possibility that they may be scared or apprehensive about new teachers and new classmates. On the other hand, if they are moving up with one or two of their friends, they may be excited.  Either way, here are some ways to make the transition easier.

How To Handle Classroom Transition.

Talk to your child about the transition-Sit down and talk to your child about their transition to the next classroom. Ask them questions to gauge how they are feeling. If they are feeling anxious, reassure them that things will be okay. If they have questions you can’t answer, ask at the center and get answers for them.

Talk to other parents who have children in the next classroom-Other parents should be able to inform you about what the teachers are like and what to expect.

Take your child to visit their room and meet their teachers-When you pick your child up, take them to their next room and introduce your child to their new teachers. This way you will make a connection before they move up.

How To Handle Classroom Transition.

Photo courtesy of Lagoas3 via Pixabay

Other Ways To Handle Transition.

Read a book about the first day of school-Read a book with your child about the first day of school like  Little Critter’s First Day Of School or Amelia Bedelia’s First Day Of School. This will help your child recognize that everyone has to go through a change at school at some point. Even though, it won’t be your child’s first day at school, it will be their first day in a new classroom environment.

Be assured they will transition during the day-In the day care I worked at, many of the kids that were about to transition would take turns spending part of the day in their new classroom. This made things easier when the time came because they already knew their new teachers and classmates. It wasn’t always a perfect transition but it did help.

There are many ways to help your child in transitioning. I hope these ideas have helped you in knowing how to handle classroom transitions.



St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Wee Ones And Older Lads And Lasses.

One of my favorite holidays is coming, St. Patrick’s Day.  Unfortunately, I’m not Irish even though I had an Irish wedding and have been obsessed with Ireland for years. There are all kinds of fun stories and interesting symbols from the Emerald Isle. Today I thought I would share some St. Patrick’s Day Activities you can do with your own lads and lasses.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Wee Ones And Older Lads And Lasses.

Activities for Toddlers and twos.

*Let them paint with green paint to make their own shamrocks.

*Let them paint with multiple colors to make a rainbow.

*Give them Lucky Charms cereal at snack time.

*Play with green play dough

*Let them dance to uptempo Irish music

*Play quiet, melodic Irish music at nap time.

St. Patrick's Day Activities For Wee Ones And Lads And Lasses.

Photo courtesy of Bilderlady58 via Pixabay

Activities for older lads and lasses.

*Add green food coloring to the milk at breakfast and lunch. (Take the gallon of milk down to the kitchen and add food coloring to keep the leprechaun mystery.) 🙂

* Decorate shamrock cookies with icing and sprinkles.

*Buy shiny cold coins from the dollar store and use them in your pot o’ gold crafts.

*Look up the story and meaning behind the claddagh ring. In a nutshell, a goldsmith was kidnapped by pirates for seven years and during that time he fashioned a ring for his beloved back home. The ring consisted of a heart for love, hands for friendship and a crown for loyalty.  The goldsmith was eventually released and returned home to his beloved where he presented her with the ring after seven years.  For a craft project, cut out hearts and a crown and then trace your students hands. On a piece of construction paper, place the heart in the middle, the crown on top of the heart and the hands on either side of the heart. You could add this caption for the parents, “Thank you for your love, friendship and loyalty to me.”

St. Patrick's Day Activities For Wee Ones and Lads And Lasses.

Photo courtesy of PeiteLouve via Pixabay.

*With parents permission, paint the kids faces with rainbows, pots of gold, and shamrocks.

*Read a book about St. Patrick’s Day. Some suggestions include The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day by Natasha Winger, St. Patrick’s Day by Gail Gibbons, and That’s What Leprechauns Do by Emily Arnold McCully.

*At Halloween time, buy a plastic bucket that looks like a cauldron. At St. Patrick’s Day, fill it with at least two prizes for each child in your class and hide it somewhere in your classroom. Or even better, somewhere in your school or day care. From there, make up some simple clues for a scavenger hunt. Once they find the pot, take it back to your classroom and pass out the goodies.

These St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Wee Ones And Lads And Lasses will make your students feel very lucky to have you as their teacher.



How Long Should I Stay At Drop Off Time?

A lot of new day care parents wonder, how long should I stay at drop off time? Mornings can be very hectic as you round up all your children for school. Chances are, you may either drop off your older children first, they get picked up from home, or they get picked up at day care.  Although it seems like you’re always in a hurry, sometimes you just want to pause and hang out in your little one’s classroom for a few minutes.  As a former teacher, I get it. They are only little for so long and time goes by so fast. You feel like you miss out on the important stuff and you just want to observe for a few minutes. In my experience, staying a few minutes is okay but staying for an excessive amount of time can be a problem.

How Long Should I Stay At Drop Off Time?

From what I have observed, the best way is to drop them off in their room, talk briefly to their teacher if need be,  and then head right on to work. As hard as this can be, this is the easiest way to handle drop off time.  Although your child may be crying or upset, they usually calm down within a matter of minutes. Some will cuddle with their teachers while others will go play with their friends. It is also easier for you as a parent when you are in a hurry and have to get to work.

How Long Should I Stay At Drop Off Time?

Photo courtesy of HardyS via Pixabay

The Effects Of A Longer Drop Off.

When you extend your drop off it not only affects your child, it affects the entire classroom.

*The morning is a time of transition and it’s the teacher’s job to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

*Some children may get upset because their parent isn’t there.

*The children can distracted from doing what they are supposed to be doing, like picking up toys.

*Your child may suddenly feel like they don’t have to listen because you are there.

*It is harder for you to leave because your child will want to go with you.


In answer to your question, how long should I stay at drop off time? Most parents stay long enough to greet their child’s teacher, give their child a hug and kiss, and watch them run off to play with their classmates or be close to their teachers. Staying longer at drop off time truly throws everyone’s day off-teacher, child and parent. It’s not personal, teachers  just have a lot to handle in the morning. Dropping off and heading onto work is the easiest solution for everyone.





Parents: Why It’s Important To Be Present At Pick Up Time

Recently on social media there was a post going around about parents being told not to be on their cell phones when they pick their kids up at day care. A center had posted this sign telling their parents to get off their phones and there has been an uproar on both sides of the issue. Some parents may think it is an invasion of their privacy.  Some people may feel like their parenting is being judged. Other people may feel like it’s no ones business why they are on the phone or distracted when getting their children. Overall, it really doesn’t matter what society thinks. What does matter is what your child thinks. Here are some reasons why it’s important to be present at pick up time.

Why It’s Important To Be Present At Pick Up Time.

The Day Got Off To  A Bad Start-Maybe you had a rough morning and you yelled at your children. Maybe you were running late and couldn’t say goodbye at drop off time. Maybe your spouse brought your child instead of you. Regardless of the situation, your child has missed you all day. They probably can’t wait to get a hug and kiss from you and have you ask how their day was.

Your Child Is Trying To Tell You Something- Your child could have had a really great day. He or she could have gone on a field trip, had a special guest come to speak to the class or even shared in a birthday treat.  They also may want to talk to you about something that went wrong that day.

Parents: Why It's Important To Be Present At Pick Up Time

Photo courtesy of rmt via Pixabay

Your Child’s Teacher Wants To Talk To You-It is important to check in with your child’s teacher at the end of the day to find out how their day was.  You need to know if they are struggling or doing exceptional. It’s always good to check in to make sure everyone is on the same page. We appreciate your presence too. 🙂

Being Present vs. Having Presence.

To Show Your Child They Are Important-There is too much negativity in the world. Your child could have had the worst day ever. Being able to give them five minutes of your uninterrupted time after school is very important. It gives you a chance to relax, breathe, and reconnect for a minute before the your evening moves into the hectic chaos of dinner, bath time and homework (if you have older children).

Another Parent Wants To Talk To You-Another parent may want to talk to you about setting up a play date or inviting your child to a birthday party.

The next time  you’re driving to day care to pick up your children, pause and reflect how it was when you were a child. If you had a Mom that stayed at home, didn’t it feel good to be able to sit down with a snack and talk to her about your day? If you were with a single Dad, didn’t it feel good to crawl on his lap at a young age and talk about your day? Or to sit around at the dinner table with your family and get caught up? We live in a fast paced world where time flies and moments pass way too quickly. Moments that cannot be recaptured.Parents, make a habit of being present at pick up time  so your absence during the day won’t  be so hard. It is important to be present not only at pick up time but all the time.








Ideas For Your Classroom Bulletin Board (Winter Edition)

Are you struggling with ideas for your classroom bulletin board? With the holidays over and the bleak winter months ahead, it’s hard to come up with new, fresh ideas. Let the suggestions below jump start your creativity.

Snowball Fight-Cut out white circles out of card stock and write the names of your students in the middle. Then glue cotton balls all around it. Make a snow scene of blue sky on the top and white construction paper on the bottom. Staple snowballs in various places all around the board. Place the caption, ” Snowball Fight: Ready…set…go!”

Ideas For Your Classroom Bulletin Board.

Hibernation Station-Have your kids color a picture of a bear. Make a cave scene on your bulletin board and add your bears to the cave.  Place the caption, “Hibernation Station” at the top.

Penguin Plunge- Let your students color a picture of a penguin and make an arctic water scene on your bulletin board. Add the caption “Penguin Plunge”.

Ideas For Your Classroom Bulletin Board (Winter Edition)

Photo courtesy of steinchen via Pixabay

More Ideas.

Cozy Fire-If you used a fireplace hearth for you holiday display, make it do double duty by adding marshmallows above the flames in your fireplace. Cut out a marshmallow pattern, let the kids decorate them and add googly eyes and a smile. Add the caption, “Roastin’ and Toastin’ Over The Fire.”

Rollin’ In The Snow-Give each of your kids a snowman to decorate. Line them up on the bulletin board and add the caption, “Rollin’ In The Snow.”

Other Ideas For Your Board:

*Snow Angels



*Scarves, Hats and Mittens (Winter Warm Up)

*Winter Wonderland

*Alphabet Soup (Cover your board with red construction paper. Cut out the letters of the alphabet on yellow or cream construction paper, correlate the students in your class with a letter of the alphabet (Ex: Cole/Cassie=C  Devin/Darcy=D, etc) and add the caption “ABC…Count With Me!” You may want to add some white construction paper in the upper middle so it resembles a soup bowl.)

These are just a few ideas for your classroom bulletin board.






Parents Beware: 5 Signs Of A Bad Day Care

You have come to the time in your life when it is time to find a day care to place your child in. There is lots of information out there about what constitutes a good day care. But what about the things you need to look out for? The things that no one ever tells you. This post is written for first time day care families. Parents Beware: 5 Signs Of A Bad Day Care.

Parents Beware

1. Staff/Child Ratios-When you go tour a facility, do the classrooms look overcrowded and chaotic? Ask what the teacher/child ratio is in the classroom your child will be in. If you notice a lot of crossover between classrooms, the center may be over-enrolled and have too many children for it’s capacity.

2. Staff/Child Interaction-How do the staff interact with the children? Do they speak firmly to correct an issue? Or do you hear yelling and screaming as you walk down the hall. Are they loving and supportive to the children or do they act like they don’t want to be bothered? Beware if you hear a lot of yelling and screaming from the teachers, it probably goes on all the time. Just one of the five signs of a bad day care.

5 Signs Of  A Bad Day Care.

Parents Beware: 5 Signs Of A Bad Day Care.

Photo courtesy of hpgruesen via Pixabay

3. How often is the owner/director there? This to me is a huge indicator of the kind of center your child attends. You should be able to talk to the owner or director at any time about anything. If you go in a day care and the office door is closed all the time, go elsewhere. If the owner/director is never there, go elsewhere. It’s a very good chance that if they don’t want to be there, their employees don’t either and your child will be getting less than acceptable care.

More Signs Of A Bad Day Care.

4. Camera Placement-Are cameras in place and are they on? How can you tell? When you go in the lobby, look for a television and see if it is on and you can see the classrooms. If your day care won’t let you look at the cameras or act sketchy in any way, leave.

5. Open Door Policy-You should be able to go in and check on your child at any time. You should also check and make sure that each parent has their own code to get in the building. If you ever feel like you can’t freely come and go as you please, take your child elsewhere.

If you witness any of these five signs of a bad day care, keep on looking. When you enter a day care facility, you should feel welcomed and comfortable. You should be satisfied with the answers you get to your questions. If ever you have a bad feeling in any way, look elsewhere. There are lots of day cares that provide acceptable care but only you can determine between acceptable and exceptional.





Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off

Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off. The dead of winter has hit and once again, we are all cooped up inside.  If you’re like any Mom, you are probably going a little stir crazy with what to do with your kids. You don’t really want to sit them down in front of the television, but you feel like you’ve done every craft project known to man. What can you do that will be fun and memorable? This list will help get the idea ball rolling as you think about snow day activities for your little ones.

Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off.

Homemade Snow Cone Bowls-Go outside and gather some freshly fallen snow in a large bowl and then put it in your freezer.  Then make a simple homemade snow cone syrup. When you are done, scoop snow into balls and put in bowls, top with syrup.

Make A Brown Bear-Sit down with your kids and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? After that, make some instant chocolate pudding. Once set, tape pieces of parchment paper onto your kitchen table and let them finger paint their own brown bear.

Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off

Photo courtesy of Ray Hennessy via Unsplash

More Activities.

Make Some Cookies-Read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and then bake some cookies with your kids. No need to get fancy, a box mix will do just fine.

Make Scratch n Sniff Paintings- Combine a tablespoon of various flavors of  powdered Kool Aid and a tablespoon of water and put in 5 oz paper bathroom cups. Get some white card stock and let your kids paint with the Kool Aid mixture. Don’t forget the old clothes.  Once dry, if you scratch them, they will smell delicious.

Snow Day Activities For Little Ones

Photo courtesy of Worthy Of Elegance via Unsplash

More Snow Day Activities.

Go Bowling-Buy your kids a plastic bowling set and let them play with their siblings. If you have an only child, join them in your own bowling alley for awhile. If your kids are more technology oriented, bowling on the Wii U is a lot of fun.

Play Dress Up-Find some old clothes that you and your husband don’t wear anymore and let the kids play dress up. If you want, you could even give your daughter a make over for just one day.

Have a Mani/Pedi Day- If you have only girls, clip, file and paint their nails. Then let them paint yours. A fun activity for your day off.

Play Trucks/Monsters/Legos, etc With Your Boys-Take some time and play whatever crazy imagination game that your boy(s) want to play.

Go Swimming-Fill the bathtub up and let your children go swimming. If you have a jacuzzi tub, even better.

Have A Pajama Party-Spend the day in your p.j.’s doing fun activities like playing board games or having a dance or karaoke party.

Play On The Wii or Wii U-If you have one, the Wii is a great way for kids to spend some time and get some exercise on a snowy day.

As you can see, your snow days don’t have to be boring. There are many ideas for snow day activities.  So take an idea and jump in with your child. Bake and beautify and play all day.  You are guaranteed a great time and who knows what you will learn from each other. Have these snow day play activities for your day off contribute to the best day ever.










Food Allergies And Day Care Questions: What To Ask Your Day Care.

Food allergies and day care questions. Food allergies in children has become a very prominent thing in recent years. Parents have to monitor everything that goes in their child’s mouth. This is a very easy thing to do in the home, but what about day care? Here is a list of questions to ask to make the transition from home to school much easier.

What To Ask Your Day Care.

Do I have to bring my own food?

At the day care I worked at, children did not have to bring their own food. The kitchen staff was aware of everyone’s allergies and adjusted food accordingly. However, this is not the case everywhere.

Is there an allergy list in each classroom?

There should be an allergy list in each classroom where your child attends. This should also be posted in the kitchen as well. It should be updated regularly.

Is the kitchen staff aware of my child’s allergies?

It is important that the kitchen staff is aware of your child’s allergies. An allergy list should be posted in the kitchen and you should have the freedom to speak to the kitchen staff whenever you wish.

Food Allergies And Day Care Questions.

Photo courtesy of Juan Jose Valencia Antia via Unsplash.

Is this a nut free center?

Some day cares will be nut free across the whole center while others designate just certain rooms where the allergy is contained.

Are other parents aware of the allergies in the center?

It is important that notices are posted as to weather the entire center is nut free or just a few rooms. This helps bring the allergy to the attention of other parents so that they do not bring in items that are processed in a factory that also processes nuts. Sadly, this does not always help.

Food Allergies And Day Care Questions.

Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagle via Unsplash.

Food Allergies and Day Care Questions.

Where does my child sit at lunch?

In the day care I worked at, all the children sat together. Since food was adjusted accordingly for those with allergies, this was not a big problem. Once again, every child care center is different.

Where is the medicine for my children’s food allergy kept?

All medicines should be kept in a locked box on a high shelf where they cannot be reached.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what questions to ask your day care. Food allergies and day care questions go hand in hand, it is always good to formulate a plan ahead of time. By asking the above questions, you can send your child to school with peace of mind that they will be enjoying a day that is good for their mind and body.