Day Care Checklist: Snowbird Edition

Today’s post is called Day Care Checklist: Snowbird Edition.  Before we know it, the snow will be flying and the wind will be howling. As a former day care teacher, I thought I would write a reminder post about the upcoming items that will be needed for your child. This way, it will be easier to get things accounted for early.


Day Care Checklist.

Extra Shoes-Please bring a pair of shoes for your child, it is difficult for them to walk around in snow boots all day. Having a pair of shoes to wear will also help cut down on accidents from melted water puddles from said boots.

Two or Three Extra Sets Of Clothes-This is important all year round but especially in the winter time. Sometimes kids fall in the snow on the way to school, they have accidents during art projects and blowouts/sickness is chronic. It is important to have extra clothes on hand so they aren’t being sent home in summer clothes from a dwindling extra clothes supply.

Hats/Gloves or Mittens/Scarf-We all know how easy the temperatures fluctuate. It can be cold in the morning and then frigid and bitter by the evening when it’s pick up time. Don’t forget a hat, gloves or mittens and a scarf for your child.

Day Care Checklist: Snowbird Edition.

Day care Checklist: Snowbird Edition

Photo courtesy of Nathan Wolfe via Unsplash

More Items On The Day Care Checklist: Snowbird Edition.

Extra Socks- Extra socks are great to have on hand in the winter due to puddles of melted snow from boots that may be lurking from arriving in the morning.

Winter Coat-Once again, it is important to send your child in a winter coat due to fluctuating temperatures.

Snow Suit-Some day cares allow their kids to go out for limited periods of time IF the temperatures are not too cold. Check with your day cares policy on this item.

I hope this list will help you round up the winter essentials you will need in the coming months ahead. If you’re like me, even as an adult it’s nice to have a list to remind you what to look for. I hope my Day Care Checklist: Snowbird Edition is most helpful.




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