Don’t Despair: Here Is Your Back To Day Care Checklist

In last week’s post, we talked about getting your older children ready for back to school. This week we’re going to talk about your younger children. I know what you’re thinking, will back to school shopping ever end? This should be a little easier because a lot of what you will need, you will already have on hand. Don’t despair, here is your back to day care checklist.

Don’t Despair: Here Is Your Back To Day Care Checklist.

Diapers-Make sure you take in a full box of diapers your first day. Although kids do have accidents and blowouts, these should last awhile and your teachers won’t be asking for diapers every other day.

Pull Ups-If your child is potty training, I personally recommend Pull-ups brand. Why? They are the easiest to get on and off. Just undo/reattach the sides and you’re good to go.

Wipes- Please bring two packs of wipes to start. Even though we use each child’s own ‘personal’ wipes that they bring in, we go through these like water.

Diaper Cream-Because rashes and irritation do happen.

Pacifiers- Two of these are important in case one gets lost. Yes, it does happen and it’s usually not pretty. 🙂

Don't Despair Here Is Your Back To Day Care Checklist

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Other Items Needed.

One blanket-Bring one blanket for nap time. I have seen kids bring gobs of blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals for nap time and it’s just unnecessary.

Extra change of clothes-Having several sets of clothes in your child’s cubby is a Godsend. We don’t always have extra clothes to fit your child or if we do, it could be a short sleeve shirt and shorts when it’s the dead of winter. Extra pairs of underwear should also be included, aim for at least three pairs. This is very important to add to your back to day care checklist.

Jacket-As the weather gets cooler, please bring a jacket for your child. Once again, we don’t always have these on hand.

Milk-If your child is allergic to milk, please bring milk they can drink.

Back to school can make you want to pull out your hair. As I said, don’t despair, here is your back to day care checklist. This should make getting ready for going to day care a breeze.



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