Dumbfounded by Decorating? 45 Ways To Decorate Your Classroom Door

As I have been discussing, it’s back to school time. There are many ways a teacher has to prepare their classrooms for the new school year. One of the most important ways to do this is decorating their classroom door.  Why is this so important? Because children want to feel welcomed when they walk through the door and having a door that is decorated is a fun way to incorporate this. Dumbfounded by decorating? 45 ways to decorate your classroom door.

45 Ways To Decorate Your Classroom Door.

Check out this blog post from Bored Teachers.com.


Dumbfounded by Decorating?: 45 Ways to Decorate Your Classroom Door

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Some awesome ideas/concepts they have come up with include:

Encouraging kids to read

Encouraging ambition

Encouraging them to be their best selves


Dr. Seuss…

and much more.


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