Easter Ideas For Your Classroom

Are you a teacher whose brain is hopping around looking for ideas to do with your class? Are you tired of doing the same thing every year and are looking for some fresh ideas? Today’s post is about Easter ideas for your classroom.

Easter Ideas For Your Classroom.

Scratch n Sniff Eggs-Copy a template of an Easter egg on card stock and let the kids paint them with Kool-Aid. Once they dry, they will be able to scratch and sniff them.

Have a bunny race-Let the kids hop like bunnies in pairs of two to the finish line. Get creative and pick out as many categories as their are pairs and give out prizes at the end.

Make carrots-Fill a cone shaped treat bag with Goldfish crackers and tie the top end with green curling ribbon.

Easter Ideas For Your Classroom.

More Eggcellent Ideas.

Easter Bunny Application-Print out a cute form that your kids can fill out if they were applying to be the Easter bunny. Here is a good example. http://mrswilliamsonskinders.blogspot.com/2011/03/hop-and-easter-bunny-application.html

Easter Treat Bags-Buy a medium to large size amount of brown gift bags. Add a cotton ball on the bottom for a tail, ears on top and draw a bunny face on the front. Use these to put their Easter eggs in during an Easter egg hunt.

Serve Jello Eggs for snack-You can either make jello jigglers and cut out egg shapes or if you have the jello 3D egg molds, you can use those too. This would be a better alternative to cookies and sweets.

These are just a few Easter ideas for your classroom. With a little creative thinking and looking around online, your brain will be hopping with all kinds of ideas.


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