Easy, Breezy Fun: Spring Spirit Week Ideas

Spring Spirit Week. Why not do something fun at your child care center? The weather is getting nice which brings everyone’s spirits up.  It’s a great way to add some carefree fun and let the kids do something a little different.  Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Easy, Breezy Fun: Spring Spirit Week Ideas.

Crazy Hair Day-Curl it, twirl it, fry it, dye it, spike it or spray paint it. Let your kids and staff go crazy with their hair for a day.

Hat Day-Everyone wears a hat of their choice.

Backwards Day-Wear your clothes backwards.

Mismatch Day-Always an interesting choice to see who wears the craziest mismatched clothes.

Extremely Accessorized Day-Wear as many bracelets,  ties, hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, etc as you want. These are just a few spring spirit week ideas.

More Easy, Breezy Ideas.

Easy, Breezy Fun: Spring Spirit Week Ideas

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Pajama Day-Always a favorite any time of year.

Character Day-Kids dress up like their favorite movie or book character.

Ice Cream/Snow Cone Day-Arrange ahead for parents to pay and have the local ice cream or snow cone truck come.

Favorite Color Day-Everyone wears their favorite color.


As you can see, there are many ways to bring out the spring spirit. Teachers, what are some of your favorite spring spirit week ideas? I would love to know.


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