Food Allergies And Day Care Questions: What To Ask Your Day Care.

Food allergies and day care questions. Food allergies in children has become a very prominent thing in recent years. Parents have to monitor everything that goes in their child’s mouth. This is a very easy thing to do in the home, but what about day care? Here is a list of questions to ask to make the transition from home to school much easier.

What To Ask Your Day Care.

Do I have to bring my own food?

At the day care I worked at, children did not have to bring their own food. The kitchen staff was aware of everyone’s allergies and adjusted food accordingly. However, this is not the case everywhere.

Is there an allergy list in each classroom?

There should be an allergy list in each classroom where your child attends. This should also be posted in the kitchen as well. It should be updated regularly.

Is the kitchen staff aware of my child’s allergies?

It is important that the kitchen staff is aware of your child’s allergies. An allergy list should be posted in the kitchen and you should have the freedom to speak to the kitchen staff whenever you wish.

Food Allergies And Day Care Questions.

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Is this a nut free center?

Some day cares will be nut free across the whole center while others designate just certain rooms where the allergy is contained.

Are other parents aware of the allergies in the center?

It is important that notices are posted as to weather the entire center is nut free or just a few rooms. This helps bring the allergy to the attention of other parents so that they do not bring in items that are processed in a factory that also processes nuts. Sadly, this does not always help.

Food Allergies And Day Care Questions.

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Food Allergies and Day Care Questions.

Where does my child sit at lunch?

In the day care I worked at, all the children sat together. Since food was adjusted accordingly for those with allergies, this was not a big problem. Once again, every child care center is different.

Where is the medicine for my children’s food allergy kept?

All medicines should be kept in a locked box on a high shelf where they cannot be reached.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what questions to ask your day care. Food allergies and day care questions go hand in hand, it is always good to formulate a plan ahead of time. By asking the above questions, you can send your child to school with peace of mind that they will be enjoying a day that is good for their mind and body.




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