Giving This Holiday Season: Family Style

I love to give, no matter if it’s encouragement or love with words. A hot meal. A baked good. Or a gift. There are many ways to give and doing it as a family makes it even more fun. Here are some of my ideas for Giving This Holiday Season: Family Style.

Giving Family Style: Ages 5-12

There are many ways this age can learn to give.

* Explain to them that some kids don’t have toys to play with. Then help them clean out their play rooms or toy boxes and donate the gently used toys to a children’s home or shelter.

* Help your child look through their books and donate gently used ones to a shelter or even their classroom at school. Day cares especially have limited budgets so this would be greatly appreciated.

*Show them the Toys For Tots box and ask if they would like to spend some of their allowance to help another kid have a good Christmas. If there is a Salvation Army Angel tree at your work, pick a child off the tree and take them shopping with you.

*If you have a child that loves animals, call your local shelter and see if they have an angel tree set up at a local store for the animals. Our local no kill shelter does. Have them pick an animal off the tree and buy it some presents.

Giving This Holiday Season: Family Style

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Family Style Giving: Ages 13-19

*Ask your teen if they would like to adopt a friend who may be from a divorced or single parent  home and buy them a few special presents this year with their own money.

*Ask your teen if they would like to clean out their closet and donate the clothes and shoes they don’t wear.

*See if you can find an outreach that matches your teens interest and ask if they would like to give their time for a few days over Christmas break. (Do you have a reader? They could read to seniors at the nursing home. Have a cook? Serve at a homeless shelter. Animal lover? Volunteer at the animal shelter, etc.)

*Have them volunteer as a bell ringer for The Salvation Army.

Family Giving: Mom

*Cook a meal for an elderly neighbor.

*Bake some treats for an elderly neighbor.

*Help a friend wrap presents.

Giving This Holiday Season: Dad

*Help a neighbor put up their outdoor lights.

*Shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk.

*Help a friend haul home their Christmas tree.


These are just a few ideas for donating your time, talents and income this holiday season.  It is always better to give than to receive, cliched I know. However, as busy as we are the rest of the year, taking  the time to do some giving this holiday season, family style, will draw your crew together and create closer bonds.




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