How Long Should I Stay At Drop Off Time?

A lot of new day care parents wonder, how long should I stay at drop off time? Mornings can be very hectic as you round up all your children for school. Chances are, you may either drop off your older children first, they get picked up from home, or they get picked up at day care.  Although it seems like you’re always in a hurry, sometimes you just want to pause and hang out in your little one’s classroom for a few minutes.  As a former teacher, I get it. They are only little for so long and time goes by so fast. You feel like you miss out on the important stuff and you just want to observe for a few minutes. In my experience, staying a few minutes is okay but staying for an excessive amount of time can be a problem.

How Long Should I Stay At Drop Off Time?

From what I have observed, the best way is to drop them off in their room, talk briefly to their teacher if need be,  and then head right on to work. As hard as this can be, this is the easiest way to handle drop off time.  Although your child may be crying or upset, they usually calm down within a matter of minutes. Some will cuddle with their teachers while others will go play with their friends. It is also easier for you as a parent when you are in a hurry and have to get to work.

How Long Should I Stay At Drop Off Time?

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The Effects Of A Longer Drop Off.

When you extend your drop off it not only affects your child, it affects the entire classroom.

*The morning is a time of transition and it’s the teacher’s job to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

*Some children may get upset because their parent isn’t there.

*The children can distracted from doing what they are supposed to be doing, like picking up toys.

*Your child may suddenly feel like they don’t have to listen because you are there.

*It is harder for you to leave because your child will want to go with you.


In answer to your question, how long should I stay at drop off time? Most parents stay long enough to greet their child’s teacher, give their child a hug and kiss, and watch them run off to play with their classmates or be close to their teachers. Staying longer at drop off time truly throws everyone’s day off-teacher, child and parent. It’s not personal, teachers  just have a lot to handle in the morning. Dropping off and heading onto work is the easiest solution for everyone.





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