How To Handle Classroom Transition.

Your child has grown so fast and is ready to move up to the next classroom. As a parent you may be wondering how to handle classroom transition. As excited as you may be that your child is on their way to becoming a big kid, they may not be.  There is a possibility that they may be scared or apprehensive about new teachers and new classmates. On the other hand, if they are moving up with one or two of their friends, they may be excited.  Either way, here are some ways to make the transition easier.

How To Handle Classroom Transition.

Talk to your child about the transition-Sit down and talk to your child about their transition to the next classroom. Ask them questions to gauge how they are feeling. If they are feeling anxious, reassure them that things will be okay. If they have questions you can’t answer, ask at the center and get answers for them.

Talk to other parents who have children in the next classroom-Other parents should be able to inform you about what the teachers are like and what to expect.

Take your child to visit their room and meet their teachers-When you pick your child up, take them to their next room and introduce your child to their new teachers. This way you will make a connection before they move up.

How To Handle Classroom Transition.

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Other Ways To Handle Transition.

Read a book about the first day of school-Read a book with your child about the first day of school like  Little Critter’s First Day Of School or Amelia Bedelia’s First Day Of School. This will help your child recognize that everyone has to go through a change at school at some point. Even though, it won’t be your child’s first day at school, it will be their first day in a new classroom environment.

Be assured they will transition during the day-In the day care I worked at, many of the kids that were about to transition would take turns spending part of the day in their new classroom. This made things easier when the time came because they already knew their new teachers and classmates. It wasn’t always a perfect transition but it did help.

There are many ways to help your child in transitioning. I hope these ideas have helped you in knowing how to handle classroom transitions.



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