How To Help Your Child Readjust After Vacation.

Have you just returned from vacation and are dreading your first morning back to your usual routine? Do you have visions of oversleeping, lost shoes and meltdowns?  Here are some ideas on how to help your child readjust after vacation.

How To Help Your Children Readjust After Vacation.

Let them pick out their clothes the night before-Let kids pick out their clothes the night before. This way there will be no fights the next morning. Make sure shoes are in plain site too.

Make sure they eat dinner- After being on the road for so long, everyone is exhausted. Still, it is important that everyone eats dinner. This will help your bodies replenish for the next day.

Put them to bed on time-Chances are everyone was up way later than usual during your vacation. Make sure everyone gets to bed on time, if not earlier.

Pack lunches the night before-Pack the kids lunches the night before and make it as easy on yourself as possible. If this is the one time you pack them  a Lunchible or something else a little less healthy, so be it.

Make sure all school supplies are in order-Take a minute to make sure all your child’s school supplies (pencils, markers, calculators, notebooks, textbooks,etc) are in their backpack.

How To Help Your Child Readjust After Vacation.

More Ways To Readjust After Vacation.

Here are a few more ways to help your little ones adjust to going back to day care and school after a leisurely vacation.

Wake them up a little earlier-Sure, this sounds counterproductive. Early risers usually equal crankiness. However, if you get them up  a little earlier, it won’t be a mad dash to get out the door. This way your kids can take their time waking up and you will still have enough time to get out the door.

Make sure they eat breakfast-Have a few things on hand that are easy to make like instant oatmeal, frozen waffles, or breakfast bowls.

Take a little extra time during drop off-Plan to spend a little extra time during drop off with your child. Remind them that you will be back to get them just like always so they feel secure.

Use these tips upon your return and see how they work. Make notes and see how you can make things better next time. In doing this you will know exactly how to help your children readjust after vacation next time.


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