Ideas For Your Classroom Bulletin Board (Winter Edition)

Are you struggling with ideas for your classroom bulletin board? With the holidays over and the bleak winter months ahead, it’s hard to come up with new, fresh ideas. Let the suggestions below jump start your creativity.

Snowball Fight-Cut out white circles out of card stock and write the names of your students in the middle. Then glue cotton balls all around it. Make a snow scene of blue sky on the top and white construction paper on the bottom. Staple snowballs in various places all around the board. Place the caption, ” Snowball Fight: Ready…set…go!”

Ideas For Your Classroom Bulletin Board.

Hibernation Station-Have your kids color a picture of a bear. Make a cave scene on your bulletin board and add your bears to the cave.  Place the caption, “Hibernation Station” at the top.

Penguin Plunge- Let your students color a picture of a penguin and make an arctic water scene on your bulletin board. Add the caption “Penguin Plunge”.

Ideas For Your Classroom Bulletin Board (Winter Edition)

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More Ideas.

Cozy Fire-If you used a fireplace hearth for you holiday display, make it do double duty by adding marshmallows above the flames in your fireplace. Cut out a marshmallow pattern, let the kids decorate them and add googly eyes and a smile. Add the caption, “Roastin’ and Toastin’ Over The Fire.”

Rollin’ In The Snow-Give each of your kids a snowman to decorate. Line them up on the bulletin board and add the caption, “Rollin’ In The Snow.”

Other Ideas For Your Board:

*Snow Angels



*Scarves, Hats and Mittens (Winter Warm Up)

*Winter Wonderland

*Alphabet Soup (Cover your board with red construction paper. Cut out the letters of the alphabet on yellow or cream construction paper, correlate the students in your class with a letter of the alphabet (Ex: Cole/Cassie=C  Devin/Darcy=D, etc) and add the caption “ABC…Count With Me!” You may want to add some white construction paper in the upper middle so it resembles a soup bowl.)

These are just a few ideas for your classroom bulletin board.






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