Lessons Learned: Should Day Cares Require Employees To Get Degrees?

Should day cares require employees to get degrees? As some may know, many day cares have a mix of employees. Some have their degrees, some are going to school to get their degrees, and some are those who don’t have a degree.

This has already happened in Washington D.C. They are at the forefront of an effort to improve quality of care and raise teaching standards. To some people, Early Childhood Educators are more like glorified babysitters. However, science has shown that the demands of the job are closer to an elementary teacher. The minimum educational requirement for a teacher is an associate degree and they have four years to earn it. Also under this new regulation, directors must earn a bachelor’s degree and those with home day cares must have a CDA.  Scholarships are also in place to help with the costs.

Should Day Cares Require Employees To Get Degrees?

I think there are many pros and cons to this requirement.  I think some of the pros include;

*Teachers will be better educated in the field.

*Teachers will be able to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.

*Teachers will have a better understanding about children and their needs.

*Teachers will be able to provide excellent ongoing care from what they have learned.

*Teachers will have more pride in what they do by feeling accomplished in earning their degree.

Lessons Learned: Should Day Cares Require Employees To Get Degrees?

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Cons to requiring degrees.

I also see some cons as well, like:

*What if the person can’t afford to go to school and the state they live in doesn’t offer any scholarships.

*How will centers deal with the fluctuating staff shortage due to when classes are available.

*How will this affect those who love children and work with children but have struggled through school all their lives.

*How will directors find the time to take classes when they have a business to run.


So, should day cares require employees to get degrees? Should the nation follow suite and strive to give both older and younger generations a good education? Overall, I think day cares requiring employees to get degrees is a good thing. I think it will help teachers and expand on the ways they teach. They will be able to learn about the latest innovations in Early Childhood Education which will help them run more efficient, enriching, stimulating classrooms. At the end of the day, I think this is a win for everyone. Teachers, parents, and children alike.

What do you think? Should day cares require employees to get degrees? I would love to know your thoughts.


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