Parents Beware: 5 Signs Of A Bad Day Care

You have come to the time in your life when it is time to find a day care to place your child in. There is lots of information out there about what constitutes a good day care. But what about the things you need to look out for? The things that no one ever tells you. This post is written for first time day care families. Parents Beware: 5 Signs Of A Bad Day Care.

Parents Beware

1. Staff/Child Ratios-When you go tour a facility, do the classrooms look overcrowded and chaotic? Ask what the teacher/child ratio is in the classroom your child will be in. If you notice a lot of crossover between classrooms, the center may be over-enrolled and have too many children for it’s capacity.

2. Staff/Child Interaction-How do the staff interact with the children? Do they speak firmly to correct an issue? Or do you hear yelling and screaming as you walk down the hall. Are they loving and supportive to the children or do they act like they don’t want to be bothered? Beware if you hear a lot of yelling and screaming from the teachers, it probably goes on all the time. Just one of the five signs of a bad day care.

5 Signs Of  A Bad Day Care.

Parents Beware: 5 Signs Of A Bad Day Care.

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3. How often is the owner/director there? This to me is a huge indicator of the kind of center your child attends. You should be able to talk to the owner or director at any time about anything. If you go in a day care and the office door is closed all the time, go elsewhere. If the owner/director is never there, go elsewhere. It’s a very good chance that if they don’t want to be there, their employees don’t either and your child will be getting less than acceptable care.

More Signs Of A Bad Day Care.

4. Camera Placement-Are cameras in place and are they on? How can you tell? When you go in the lobby, look for a television and see if it is on and you can see the classrooms. If your day care won’t let you look at the cameras or act sketchy in any way, leave.

5. Open Door Policy-You should be able to go in and check on your child at any time. You should also check and make sure that each parent has their own code to get in the building. If you ever feel like you can’t freely come and go as you please, take your child elsewhere.

If you witness any of these five signs of a bad day care, keep on looking. When you enter a day care facility, you should feel welcomed and comfortable. You should be satisfied with the answers you get to your questions. If ever you have a bad feeling in any way, look elsewhere. There are lots of day cares that provide acceptable care but only you can determine between acceptable and exceptional.





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