Please don’t pee on me: Potty Training at Daycare

Potty training at daycare can be the most rewarding and most horrible thing at the same time.  As a former teacher, it could be difficult to get those little butts to sit down. Some days two or three would go and it would be like a party. Other days there would be pee everywhere and kids everywhere. If this is an issue for you as a teacher, here are some tips to make classroom potty training much easier.

Potty Training at Daycare.

Gather your supplies-This sounds like a no brainer, but always double check your supplies. Make sure you have gloves, wipes, and everyone’s diaper or pull-up before you start.

Split your class in half-If you have sixteen, take eight at a time. It also helps to keep each gender together.

Make them sit down-I always made my kids sit down in the bathroom and wait to be called. Of course I immediately regretted this after finding a poopy diaper or two minutes later. 🙂 Still, it kept them organized and I always knew where everyone was.

Entertain them-I used to sing to my kids all the time during diaper change/potty time. Sometimes I would sing songs we knew, sometimes I would make something up.

Ask One on One Questions-Sometimes I would ask how their night was last night. What did they do? What did they eat for dinner? If they watched a movie or tv show, what was it?

Give them love-I always gave each one a hug after changing their diaper. Some days that was the only one-on-one time I had with them.

Potty Training at Daycare

Tips for potty training at daycare: Autistic Kids.

-Pay close attention to the autistic children in your care, do they soil their diaper at a certain time of day? Once you know, form a unique schedule of him or her based on their habits. Consistency is key.

-Offer a tangible reward. Take the classroom jar of m&m’s in with you and present the child with a reward immediately (after washing both yours and their hands of course) upon going to the bathroom.

-Sometimes autistic children struggle with picking imitation and picking up on other’s behavior. If the child is a visual learner, make a picture chart of every step of going to the bathroom so he understands the process.

-Be sensitive to their fears.  New noises, equipment and sensations can be disconcerting for autistic children. Always be available in case they become frightened, they may have to leave the bathroom and then work up to sitting on the toilet or flushing.

A Fun Rhyme for Potty Training at Daycare.

Here is a fun rhyme I wrote awhile back in regards to potty training.

The Potty n’ Me

It’s time to be a big kid
From diaper land, I’m free
I walk around, underwear proud
And smile with ease

The potty n’ me
Best friends are we
It makes a happy flush
When I poop or pee

Mom and Dad come and look
Then dance around with glee
Because they heard the happy flush
They are so proud of me

The potty n’ me
Best friends are we
It makes a happy flush
When I poop or pee

-Carrie Lowrance


These potty training at daycare tips should help make things go smoother and keep your class entertained.



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