Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off

Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off. The dead of winter has hit and once again, we are all cooped up inside.  If you’re like any Mom, you are probably going a little stir crazy with what to do with your kids. You don’t really want to sit them down in front of the television, but you feel like you’ve done every craft project known to man. What can you do that will be fun and memorable? This list will help get the idea ball rolling as you think about snow day activities for your little ones.

Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off.

Homemade Snow Cone Bowls-Go outside and gather some freshly fallen snow in a large bowl and then put it in your freezer.  Then make a simple homemade snow cone syrup. When you are done, scoop snow into balls and put in bowls, top with syrup.

Make A Brown Bear-Sit down with your kids and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? After that, make some instant chocolate pudding. Once set, tape pieces of parchment paper onto your kitchen table and let them finger paint their own brown bear.

Snow Day Play: Fun Activities For Your Day Off

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More Activities.

Make Some Cookies-Read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and then bake some cookies with your kids. No need to get fancy, a box mix will do just fine.

Make Scratch n Sniff Paintings- Combine a tablespoon of various flavors of  powdered Kool Aid and a tablespoon of water and put in 5 oz paper bathroom cups. Get some white card stock and let your kids paint with the Kool Aid mixture. Don’t forget the old clothes.  Once dry, if you scratch them, they will smell delicious.

Snow Day Activities For Little Ones

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More Snow Day Activities.

Go Bowling-Buy your kids a plastic bowling set and let them play with their siblings. If you have an only child, join them in your own bowling alley for awhile. If your kids are more technology oriented, bowling on the Wii U is a lot of fun.

Play Dress Up-Find some old clothes that you and your husband don’t wear anymore and let the kids play dress up. If you want, you could even give your daughter a make over for just one day.

Have a Mani/Pedi Day- If you have only girls, clip, file and paint their nails. Then let them paint yours. A fun activity for your day off.

Play Trucks/Monsters/Legos, etc With Your Boys-Take some time and play whatever crazy imagination game that your boy(s) want to play.

Go Swimming-Fill the bathtub up and let your children go swimming. If you have a jacuzzi tub, even better.

Have A Pajama Party-Spend the day in your p.j.’s doing fun activities like playing board games or having a dance or karaoke party.

Play On The Wii or Wii U-If you have one, the Wii is a great way for kids to spend some time and get some exercise on a snowy day.

As you can see, your snow days don’t have to be boring. There are many ideas for snow day activities.  So take an idea and jump in with your child. Bake and beautify and play all day.  You are guaranteed a great time and who knows what you will learn from each other. Have these snow day play activities for your day off contribute to the best day ever.










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