St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Wee Ones And Older Lads And Lasses.

One of my favorite holidays is coming, St. Patrick’s Day.  Unfortunately, I’m not Irish even though I had an Irish wedding and have been obsessed with Ireland for years. There are all kinds of fun stories and interesting symbols from the Emerald Isle. Today I thought I would share some St. Patrick’s Day Activities you can do with your own lads and lasses.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Wee Ones And Older Lads And Lasses.

Activities for Toddlers and twos.

*Let them paint with green paint to make their own shamrocks.

*Let them paint with multiple colors to make a rainbow.

*Give them Lucky Charms cereal at snack time.

*Play with green play dough

*Let them dance to uptempo Irish music

*Play quiet, melodic Irish music at nap time.

St. Patrick's Day Activities For Wee Ones And Lads And Lasses.

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Activities for older lads and lasses.

*Add green food coloring to the milk at breakfast and lunch. (Take the gallon of milk down to the kitchen and add food coloring to keep the leprechaun mystery.) 🙂

* Decorate shamrock cookies with icing and sprinkles.

*Buy shiny cold coins from the dollar store and use them in your pot o’ gold crafts.

*Look up the story and meaning behind the claddagh ring. In a nutshell, a goldsmith was kidnapped by pirates for seven years and during that time he fashioned a ring for his beloved back home. The ring consisted of a heart for love, hands for friendship and a crown for loyalty.  The goldsmith was eventually released and returned home to his beloved where he presented her with the ring after seven years.  For a craft project, cut out hearts and a crown and then trace your students hands. On a piece of construction paper, place the heart in the middle, the crown on top of the heart and the hands on either side of the heart. You could add this caption for the parents, “Thank you for your love, friendship and loyalty to me.”

St. Patrick's Day Activities For Wee Ones and Lads And Lasses.

Photo courtesy of PeiteLouve via Pixabay.

*With parents permission, paint the kids faces with rainbows, pots of gold, and shamrocks.

*Read a book about St. Patrick’s Day. Some suggestions include The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day by Natasha Winger, St. Patrick’s Day by Gail Gibbons, and That’s What Leprechauns Do by Emily Arnold McCully.

*At Halloween time, buy a plastic bucket that looks like a cauldron. At St. Patrick’s Day, fill it with at least two prizes for each child in your class and hide it somewhere in your classroom. Or even better, somewhere in your school or day care. From there, make up some simple clues for a scavenger hunt. Once they find the pot, take it back to your classroom and pass out the goodies.

These St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Wee Ones And Lads And Lasses will make your students feel very lucky to have you as their teacher.



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