Unique Ideas: Gifts For Preschool Teachers.

You love your child’s preschool teacher and the various other staff at the day care they attend. However, it can be hard to figure out what to get them at the holidays.  Here is  a list of out of the box ideas for gifts for preschool teachers.


Gifts For Preschool Teachers.

A Planner- Planning a school year is tough work. Add in personal events and appointments and it can get quite chaotic. Help your teacher keep their sanity by getting them a planner.

Online Gift Subscription to The MailboxThe Mailbox is a magazine for various age groups. It is a digital magazine full of activity ideas, tips and craft ideas and can be a real life saver when a teacher is ‘stuck’ on what to do this week or month. The Mailbox Gold package they offer is just $2.99 a month and includes access to the whole site, free activity newsletters, and The Mailbox Magazine online delivered each month. Other perks to make a teacher’s life easier include being able to print everything they have saved in one click, being able to fill out a calendar and  having access to many print and make tools.

Gift Cards to Starbucks or Local Coffee Shops-These are great to have for in the morning to be able to just zip through the drive through. No counting out bills or change, just swipe and go.

Personalized Tote Bag- Find out what your eductor’s favorite color and/or interests are and order them the perfect tote bag.

Jumbo Book Of Teacher Tips and Timesavers-Written by veteran teachers, this book covers tips for discipline, communicating with parents and students, working with substitutes, etc.(Barnes&Noble, $25.11)

Gifts For Preschool Teachers

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More Gifts.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Teacher’s TalesTeaching is not an easy job and everyone needs some inspiration sometimes. (Barnes&Noble, $12.96) These would be good gifts for preschool teachers from the owner/director as well.

Personalized Hobby Gifts- Find out a little more about your child’s teacher.  What are their hobbies? Are they an artist or like crafts? Get them a gift card to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Do they like to cook? Look into a one evening cooking class or a cookbook according to their favorite cuisine. Reader? Bookstore gift card.(Don’t forget your local independent bookstores too.) Writer? Try a new journal or a subscription to Writer’s Digest.

Homemade Treats- These are always a hit. Everyone loves baked goods but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can also make homemade coffee creamer, hot cocoa mix and tea mixes as well as different kinds of snack mixes. Check out Taste Of Home and Pinterest for lots of ideas.

Blanket-Sometimes classrooms get chilly, a fleecy, cozy blanket makes a great gift for a preschool teacher.

Children’s Books For The Teacher’s Library-Some day cares have a very limited classroom budget.  Let your child pick out some books that they would like to have in their classroom. Speaking of limited classroom budgets, craft supplies are always a welcome gift as well.

Contigo West Loop Travel MugThese travel mugs are amazing, keeping hot drinks hot for 5 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours. The best part is they won’t spill. (Walmart, various sizes and prices.)

If you’re looking for gifts for preschool teachers, I hope this list sparks some inspiration.







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