When I’m Gone: Alternatives To Funerals.

There are many alternatives to funerals. Death is never something we want to think about. Even more so when a loved one dies unexpectedly. It’s especially hard when said loved one didn’t have a will or when family members can’t agree on the particulars of the funeral. Here are some ideas to consider to help keep the peace and also keep costs down if specifics were not given.

Making A Shrine In Your Home-Having a shrine in your home doesn’t have to be creepy. This should be a place in your home where you put photos, objects, writings, scents or anything else that reminds you of your loved one. This is one of the much more personal alternatives to a funeral.
Birthday/Anniversary Memorial– Get the family together to celebrate your loved ones life on a special day. Weather it be Grandma and Grandpa’s anniversary or your Aunt’s birthday. Spend time doing the things they loved. Have their favorite meal. You can also plan a formal memorial service for friends and family to attend.

Alternatives to Funerals

Other Ideas Instead Of A Funeral.

Personal Ceremony Grave site-Have a group get together to clean up the grave site. Pull weeds and make sure the cemetery staff is keeping up with the lawn maintenance. Once the initial maintenance is done, decorate the site with flowers. My cousin puts the bouquet of flowers I used at my wedding in honor of my Aunt on her grave every spring. When fall comes, she returns it to her house to use the following spring.

Spread The Ashes-If your loved one chooses to be cremated, spread their ashes. You can spread some across several different places or all in one place. You could even plan to take a trip to somewhere they always wanted to go and spread their ashes there.

There Are No Right Or Wrong Alternatives To Funerals.

Create A New Tradition-Visit somewhere meaningful to your loved one. Travel to their hometown or visit the place where they had their first vacation or first fell in love. You can also volunteer for a special cause close to their heart. If they loved animals,volunteer at an animal shelter. Did they love babies? Volunteer to sit and rock babies at your local hospital in the NICU.

Skip The Funeral Home Altogether-As long as you have permission, a funeral can be held anywhere. At home, at their place of work, in a hotel, etc. There may be stipulations as far as weather a coffin can be present or not.

Alternatives To Funerals.

Plant Something-If your loved one naturally had a green thumb or just loved to be out in nature, plant something in their honor. It could be a tree in the backyard, growing their favorite fruits and vegetables in the garden or hanging their favorite flowers on your porch. This is a beautiful alternative to a funeral.

Create A Memorial Book-Let family members young and old create a page for a memorial book. It will help everyone get their thoughts and feelings out and have memories to reflect upon for years to come.

There are many different ways to celebrate a loved one after they are gone. There is no right or wrong way to remember someone. If no will has been left or the finances simply aren’t there, there are many alternatives to funerals.

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