Why Daily Sheets Are So Important

Do you ever wonder why daily sheets are so important? As we all know, the mornings and the evenings are probably the most hectic part of the day. In the mornings we are getting ourselves and the kids ready, packing lunches, making sure the dog went outside to go to the bathroom, etc. The evenings are not much better. We’re getting off work, picking up the kids, going home to eat dinner, do homework, etc.

It is the same for your child’s teachers, especially day care teachers. Sometimes we are talking with another parent and don’t get to address an issue during the day. Sometimes we are busy changing a child or disciplining someone and don’t get to talk to you. Other times, you are in and out the door before we can catch you.

Why Daily Sheets Are So Important

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Why Daily Sheets Are So Important.

This is why daily sheets are so important. On them you will find;

* What your child did during the day
* What they ate
* How they ate
* When and how they slept
* Notes about being out of diapers/wipes (if applicable)
*When they went to the bathroom and what it was
*Notes about upcoming events (tomorrow is movie day, book day, etc.)
*Notes about their behavior (Abby did a good job sharing today/ Griffin helped Joe pick up toys/ Sasha was a very good listener,etc.)

This is one of the best ways we have to keep everyone on the same page. It is frustrating for everyone when there is no communication and a child does not have the things they need.

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